1 Month Post Op Toe Shortening

What to Expect 1 Month Post Op Toe Shortening Procedure?

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Toe shortening is a simple, minimally invasive procedure that aims to correct Morton’s toe, otherwise known as the long toe. The recovery period after the surgery is quite short – so what should you expect 1 month post op toe shortening

How Do Wounds Heal 1-Month Post-Op Toe Shortening Procedure?

The initial recovery time for minimally invasive toe shortening surgery is about six weeks. This means that, after one month, you will be almost healed – just two more weeks until you’ll feel fully recovered. Stitches will be removed two weeks post-op, and the pain and other unpleasant sensations will be drastically reduced after an entire month. The pain is the strongest during the first week after the procedure, and then it starts to decrease. You may need to take some over-the-counter pain medications during the first week – consult with your doctor about this. 

1 Month Post Op Toe Shortening

Is There Swelling and Bruising?

Swelling and bruising are normal occurrences after foot surgery. Your foot doctor will recommend elevating the foot and applying ice packs to the operated area (remember that ice should never go directly on the skin!) in order to decrease swelling. It will start to go down in the second week, and by the time you reach the one-month mark, it will be mostly gone. If not, you can expect it to be gone after six weeks. The same goes for bruising. 

Are You Starting to Regain Mobility and Flexibility of Your Toe? 

Yes, after one month, you will see changes in mobility. In general, patients can start putting weight on the operated foot after two weeks. This just means you can try to take a few steps around your house – don’t expect to be able to run a few weeks after surgery. Still, the improved mobility will be quite obvious. Since stiffness is to be expected after surgery, you may not have gained full flexibility in the toe at this point, but this will get better in the weeks to come. 

Can You Already See Better Foot Alignment

Can You Already See Better Foot Alignment?

You can’t miss the changes in foot alignment after toe shortening surgery. As soon as the swelling goes down, you will be able to see how your surgeon changed the appearance of your foot. When it comes to such a straightforward procedure as toe shortening, the different length of the toe is pretty obvious. 

Check In With Your Doctor in Miami 1-Month Post-Op Toe Shortening Procedure

Although patients are required to check in with their foot doctor two weeks after the surgery, it’s crucial to schedule the second follow-up appointment at the one-month mark. This is when your doctor will determine whether everything has gone according to plan and if you can return to your regular activities and work. If you’re considering scheduling toe shortening surgery and want to learn more about the ins and outs of the procedure, Luxe Foot Surgery clinic has a team of doctors who would be more than happy to help you – contact us to book your free first consultation. 


Can You Walk After Toe Shortening?

You can’t walk immediately after toe shortening surgery. It’s recommended to rest for at least two weeks before you can try to put weight on your foot and make a few steps at home. Then, you should gradually increase the amount of physical activity. 

How Long Does Toe Shortening Take to Heal?

Minimally invasive toe shortening surgery requires six weeks to heal – this is the initial recovery period, and the full recovery can take up to three months (sometimes up to six months if there are some complications). 



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