Do I Need Crutches After Toe Shortening

Do I Need Crutches After Toe Shortening?

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Recovery after a toe shortening surgery can take from two weeks to three months. The healing process depends entirely on how long and complex the surgery is. Many patients call Luxe Foot Surgery center with a question – do I need crutches after toe shortening surgery?

Crutches may be used after toe shortening surgery, to help keep weight off the affected foot and allow it to heal properly. The need for crutches depends on the specific procedure performed and the individual case, so it’s best to follow the instructions provided by your surgeon. Generally, patients are typically able to walk with the aid of crutches for the first few days after surgery and then transition to using just one crutch or a cane.

Until you return to your lifestyle to the fullest, it’s necessary to rest and let the healing take place. Find out all the necessary information and details in this article.

What Is a Toe Shortening Surgery?

Toe shortening surgery is performed on patients with  Morton’s toe – a common foot deformity. Once the long toe issues become unbearable and walking or running are hindered, people decide to undergo this outpatient procedure.

Surgeons generally only administer local anesthesia since it will be enough to dull the discomfort and pain. Patients can expect it to last anywhere from 25 minutes to 3 hours, depending on the degree of the deformity.

Patients who are worried about any serious risks of the toe shortening surgery should know that this procedure is minimally invasive. It only entails small incisions that will expose the bone and make it easier for the surgeon to remove a part of the toe joint or, if necessary, the entire small toe joint.

How Are Long Toes Surgically Corrected?

There are two main least invasive techniques that are used to correct a long toe. The first technique is called arthroplasty. It’s a joint resection procedure where the patient only gets a small portion of the small toe joint removed to get the toe realigned and shortened.

The second technique used for toe shortening surgery is bone fusion. It is commonly referred to as bone mending. It’s different from arthroplasty in that it involves removing the entire small toe joint. The surgeon leaves the two ends of the bone to heal by fusing them together.

Do I Need Crutches After Toe Shortening – How Does the Recovery Go?

Patients who are worried that they will need to use the crutches after their toe-shortening surgery are not informed about the new minimally invasive surgeries. In the past, people were required to use crutches for a prolonged period of time after their procedures since traditional foot surgeries were more invasive and involved long incisions. 

In case the patient put weight on the operated foot too soon, it would have disrupted the recovery process and increased the risk of inflammation and tissue damage. However, today we can help our patients walk and run pain-free by using advanced surgical techniques. It’s possible to cut the bone of the toe with an incision that’s not even one inch long. In this way, it’s possible to recover faster.

Instead of crutches, patients only need surgical walking boots. After an appropriate recovery time, the physician will prescribe physical exercises that are needed in order to gain strength and mobility back. The exercises are generally similar to the ones patients get after bunion surgery.

How Long Before You Can Walk After the Surgery?

After the procedure, you will be able to walk for a limited amount of time while wearing surgical walking boots. You might need to wear this special show for three to six weeks depending on the severity of the deformity that was fixed. The stitches or a pin that was placed to keep the toe straight will get removed after one month. After this, you will need a bit of physical therapy, and you’ll be able to walk sooner than you think.

Woman wearing a surgical walking boot
Woman wearing a surgical walking boot

Consult With Your Surgeon About the Recovery Process

The best way you can ensure that you completely recover from this type of procedure is to follow the advice and instructions of your surgeon. They have the skills and knowledge to lead you through the entire process without complications and pain.

If you are still having second thoughts about the procedure, it would be wise to reach out to Luxe Foot Surgery center and ask for additional information about the recovery. We are open between 9 AM – 6 PM, Monday to Friday. If you take the time to contact us, you will get the most reliable details related to your particular problem.


How Long Does It Take To Recover From Toe Shortening Surgery?

Patients can expect to have the swelling improve a couple of weeks after the procedure. If you carefully follow all of your surgeon’s instructions, it will be possible to recover between a month and three months.


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