Flat Feet Hurt When Running

Flat Feet Hurt When Running

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Having flat feet can come from accidents, sickness, or excessive wear and tear. If you like to stay active and participate in strenuous physical activities, you may wonder whether flat feet hurt when running and whether this activity can become unpleasant. Keep reading and find out everything there is about the topic. 

How to Know if You Are a Runner With Flat Feet?

Running is a strenuous physical activity that demands a lot of effort from your leg muscles as well as flexibility and foot movement. If you are a runner, do you feel soreness in your feet as well as pain in your knees, hips, and back? Have you ever pondered its origins? Flat feet may be a contributing factor to your symptoms.

The discomfort you feel from flat feet is actually brought on by the overpronation of your feet rather than the flat feet themselves. It typically develops during childhood – the period when the arches of the feet don’t develop properly. Your feet are sliding inward too much if you have overpronation.

Pronation is the natural rolling in of the feet at the end of each stride while we walk or run. Overpronation causes the foot to roll past the point where shock absorption is needed. Your leg muscles, knees, and hips will be put under stress as a result of the altered weight distribution.

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What Are the Possible Issues and Complications When Running With Flat Feet?

Having flat feet can have an impact on your ability to enjoy running and other intense physical activities. Knowing what you have, taking action to preserve good alignment and posture through exercise, utilizing the right orthotics, and wearing running shoes for flat feet will help you prevent the majority of these difficulties.


Many runners experience strain and soreness from the overpronation of their flat feet. In addition to your feet, lower legs, your knees, hips, and lower back may also experience pain and discomfort. After jogging for an extended amount of time, you could occasionally feel foot swelling.


Flatfoot may also be related to tendinitis. Having a run with flat feet may put the back heel and ankle under repetitive, increased stress, which can lead to inflammation, pain, warmth, and redness along the Achilles tendon. There are some conservative treatments, such as resting the foot, icing, and taking painkillers, but you must always consult with your doctor first. 

Shin Splints

Runners with flat feet could have shin splints, which can be very painful. Conservative home remedies include resting from running, using shoe inserts or padding, applying ice to the shins for 20 minutes several times during the day, and taking over-the-counter painkillers. If you think you might also require physical therapy, consult with your podiatrist.

Runners Are Prone to Get Bunions

Running flat-footed increases your risk of getting uncomfortable bunions that could rub across your shoes while running. Wear the right shoes and take care of your bunions using bunion pads, toe splitters, foot soaks, or ice packs. If you’ve had bunion surgery, a professional surgeon will tell you all about the recovery process and when you can start running after the procedure

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How to Prevent Pain and Injuries

There are several things you may do to lessen pain if you suffer from flat feet and wish to begin or continue jogging. So, ensure you do the following activities:

  • More exercise – Consistently stretch your calves and ankles as you train for that big race. Try stretching for at least a few minutes each day following your run to maintain flexibility. Perform appropriate warm-ups before the race and include some exercises to prevent hammertoe.
  • Have the right footwear – Choose the proper shoe that will be cozy for your runs. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on a certain type of shoe, just ensure to have a pair of solid shoes that will help you maintain control of your movement.
  • Change the terrain – Running on pavement or other hard surfaces puts a lot of strain on your feet, which can lead to injury. Your feet will be free to move about, and there won’t be any danger if you run on a soft surface like a grassy field or a running track.

If Your Flat Feet Hurt When Running, Consult the Foot Expert

You may still be a successful, happy, healthy, and injury-free runner even if you have flat feet by asking for help from Luxe Foot Surgery Center when necessary and taking the appropriate measures and steps. Contact us and get the appointment as soon as possible. 


Is It OK to Run With Flat Feet?

Yes, you can run with flat feet. However, your pronation issue might be accentuated and made worse by uneven ground.

Is Running Harder With Flat Feet?

Running can be challenging for individuals who have flat feet because it forces them to land on their toes, which can put stress and pressure on the foot’s arch.


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