Hammertoe Surgery Costs in the US

Hammertoe Surgery Costs in the US

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The condition known as hammertoe troubles many people, and some of them can manage to adjust their lifestyle and live with it. However, if you want to undergo a surgical procedure to relieve the pain, you should know the hammertoe surgery costs in the US. Additionally, you should also find out whether there are any additional costs for this type of procedure and does the price vary depending on the state. 

What Is the Average Cost of Hammertoe Surgery?

The prices for this type of surgical procedure depend on whether the patient is covered by health insurance or not and on the type of treatment. If it’s a conservative treatment in question, it will cost less than $500. If you’re wondering if it’s possible to correct a hammertoe without surgery, it is – with conservative treatment, but only if you are not in need of a surgical procedure. This type of treatment may include footwear pads, different stretching exercises for your feet, specialized extra-depth footwear, taping, or a specialized sling.

However, when it comes to hammertoe surgery (if it’s required), it is usually covered by insurance. This is only when the condition itself has been deemed a necessity in the medical sense. On the other hand, if a patient wants to undergo a correction of a hammertoe only for cosmetic purposes, insurance will most likely not cover the procedure. So, the price for this type of surgery will cost you, on average, around $4,200.

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What Should Be Included in the Cost?

There are several types of surgical procedures that can repair a hammer toe. Your podiatrist or bone specialist should recommend the one that will be most fitting for your issue. Some of these procedures will include:

  • Portions of the toe bones being removed,
  • Removing or replacing the toes’ tendons (tendons are the connection between the bone and the muscle,)
  • Bonding the joint in order to prevent the toe from bending and to straighten it.

After surgery, the toe bones are held in place while your toe heals using a wire (K-wire or Kirschner) or surgical pins. Additionally, it will be required that you use specialized footwear so the toes can properly heal. The removal of pins should be done after a few weeks’ time.

What Are Additional Hammertoe Surgery Costs in the Us?

If your bone doctor or podiatrist has deemed that a surgical procedure is required for your issue, you can expect some additional costs. You will need to receive local anesthesia, and it most typically costs under $1,000. Undergoing surgery means that you will most likely be required to use crutches during your recovery in order to walk after hammertoe surgery. Their cost is about $15 to $100. During your recovery, you are also expected to get physical therapy in order to heal properly and relieve any hammertoe surgery pain. This usually costs around $50 to $350 per session.

Can You Get a Discount?

If you are interested in discounts that can help save you some money on the costs of the recovery, there might be some available. There are certain websites specializing in selling over-the-counter orthotics or pads that will offer discounts, so be sure to check them out. If you are interested in discounts on the procedure itself, there are many doctors and hospitals that will offer discounts of 30% or even more to all uninsured or cash-paying patients.

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Does the Price Change Depending on a State?

Additional costs may include hospitalization days, but these may depend on the state you’re doing the procedure in. And while the costs may amount from $4,700 to $12,900 in Georgia, doing the same type of surgery may cost you from $7,400 up to $20,200 in LA, California. The table below gives some insight into the price range around the country.

CityMinimal costMaximum cost
Washington, DC$5,300$14,400
Miami, FL$5,300$14,400
New York, NY$6,000$16,300
Phoenix, AZ$6,200$17,000
Chicago, IL$5,400$14,600
Dallas, TX$5,200$14,100

For More Information About the Price Contact Your Surgeon

If you are considering hammer toe surgery, your surgeon will be able to give you a more accurate estimate of the price once they have assessed your individual case. There are a number of factors that can affect the cost of this surgical procedure, including the type that is required, the severity of your condition, and the state where you will be undergoing surgery. As stated, in some cases, health insurance may cover all or just a portion of the costs related to the hammer toe surgery.

If you have any questions related to this or any other procedure, or you are in the process of considering getting surgery, be sure that you contact our team. We can answer questions like how driving after hammertoe surgery works or any other you might have. Once you send in an inquiry through our online form or place a call to our Luxe Foot Surgery center between 9 am – 5 pm Monday to Friday, we will be able to assist you.


How Much Does It Cost to Have a Hammer Toe Fixed?

Insurance will probably not pay for a hammertoe correction if the patient merely wishes to have it done for cosmetic reasons. As a result, the average cost of this kind of surgery is $4,200. But, keep in mind that additional costs may apply.

Does Insurance Pay for Hammer Toe Surgery?

The cost of the necessary hammertoe surgery is typically covered by insurance. This is only applicable in cases where the condition is regarded as essential in a medical sense by a surgeon, podiatrist, or bone doctor.


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