How to Remove Seed Corns on Bottom of Feet

How to Remove Seed Corns on Bottom of Feet?

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Thickened skin that develops on toes and feet as a result of repeated friction or pressure is referred to as seed corn. They are caused by poorly-fitting shoes or other foot conditions like hammer toes and bunions. But do you know how to remove seed corns on bottom of feet? If you don’t know anything about the process of getting rid of this issue, follow our guide and find out what needs to be done and whether corn removal surgery will be necessary.

What Causes Seed Corns on the Bottom of Feet?

Many people are unaware that seed corns start forming so that the skin can protect itself from repeated irritation, rubbing, and friction. People who constantly change shoes that don’t fit adequately usually get corns. It’s necessary to avoid loose shoes and high heels, which are the main causes of the issue. 

Also, running and walking long distances can lead to skin irritation which causes the problem to occur. Acquired and congenital foot deformities such as bone spurs, painful bunions, and hammer toes will put pressure on the skin so that the seed corn can form.

What Are Symptoms of Seed Corns on the Bottom of the Feet?

The best way to know whether there is a seed corn on your foot is to see whether there is a raised and hardened bump on the skin. If a portion of the skin has become waxy, flaky, and dry, it is most likely that you’ve developed the condition. Pain and tenderness while you are walking is the first symptom. Apart from seed corn, which is a small type of corn, you can also have soft corn that forms between the toes or hard corn on top of your toes.

What Are Symptoms of Seed Corns on the Bottom of the Feet

Can You Use Home Remedies for Seed Corns?

Fortunately, people can try to solve the issue at home. The first step is to immediately get rid of the shoes that are causing the problem and switch to more comfortable footwear. Then, you can place your feet in warm water for approximately 10 minutes. The seed corn will soften so that you can use a pumice stone to file it. The dead skin can be removed using circular motions.

After getting rid of the dead skin, put a bit of moisturizing lotion that contains salicylic acid. It will successfully dissolve the keratin that is found in corns and dead skin.

Finally, place an adhesive corn pad on top of it so that you protect the skin from rubbing against your shoes and exacerbating the condition.

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How to Remove Seed Corns on Bottom of Feet With Doctors’ Help?

If you cannot remove the seed corn with home remedies, a doctor can perform a quick surgery. They usually last about 30 minutes. Surgeons make a couple of small incisions and shave the seed corn on the foot. When they remove the root, they can close the incision and bandage the foot. The patient receives surgical shoes that protect the foot when walking. The process usually involves no complications.

When Should You Contact a Doctor?

If the issue causes a lot of pain and it starts interfering with your way of life, then you should seek medical help. The moment you start noticing an infection or that the area is inflamed, the doctor should step in to treat you. Patients who have diabetes are more at risk of getting an infection since their condition affects their blood flow. There’s no time for waiting once an infection starts, so make an appointment with a doctor as soon as possible.

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Consult With Your Doctor in Miami and Get Rid of Corn

Have you noticed changes on your feet? If you are unsure what to do with this painful issue, consult with your doctor in Miami. Our team at Luxe Foot Surgery can schedule an appointment and make sure that a professional examines the seed corn so as to give you appropriate advice. Contact us from Monday to Friday and get rid of the corn once and for all.


How Do You Get a Corn Seed Out of Your Foot?

You can try to remove the seed corn using home remedies. It’s best to put moisturizing cream on the affected area and eliminate poor-fitting footwear. However, if home remedies do not do the trick, you should contact a doctor and have it removed by a doctor.

Will a Seed Corn on Foot Go Away on Its Own?

Yes, if you make sure to use home remedies and wear comfortable shoes, the seed corn will go away on its own.

How Do You Get Rid of a Hard Corn on the Bottom of Your Foot?

Getting rid of hard corn should be done in the same way as seed corn. The main thing one needs to do is soak the hard corn in soapy warm water. It will soften it, making it easier for the cream to dissolve the hard skin.

Can You Pull a Corn Out of Your Foot?

It is not recommended that you try to pull corn out of your foot. You can do it, but it might lead to an infection. Instead, use home remedies or consult with your doctor.


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