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Is Corn Removal Surgery Covered By Insurance?

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If you have corn on your foot, then you probably know how unpleasant and painful this condition can be. Getting rid of it surgically is often the only way to fix the issue – but what about the price of the surgery? Is corn removal surgery covered by insurance, or will you have to pay a lot of money to improve your quality of life and live pain-free? You can find the answer to this question in our text.

What Is the Typical Cost of Corn Removal Surgery?

The cost of corn removal surgery can depend on many factors. First, there is a huge difference in the price of removing simple soft corn and hard corn with a deep root – the severity of the case dictates the price. The location where you will have the surgery is also important – different parts of the country have different prices. Your surgeon’s expertise comes into play as well – the better the doctor, the higher the price. That being said, the cost of corn removal can vary from $500 to $5,000.

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What Are Some Additional Costs?

Additional costs that you may have to pay for refer to medical aids you’ll need after surgery – for example, crutches for those who can’t put weight on their foot in the days following the procedure. You should also keep in mind the price of pain medication, additional visits to the doctor, or even additional surgery if the first one doesn’t give the desired results. 

What Is Included in the Price of Corn Removal Surgery?

Since this type of surgery is an outpatient procedure, you won’t have to pay for an overnight stay in the hospital – this is one of many benefits of minimally invasive procedures. The overall cost will include the surgeon’s and their team’s work, anesthesia, and any medical aids you might need after the surgery (such as a special shoe to wear after surgery). Don’t forget to count in the pre-op consultation and the post-op visits to the doctor. 

Is Corn Removal Surgery Covered by Insurance?

Corn removal surgery can be covered by insurance, but it isn’t always. This depends on whether your case is deemed a medical issue or you simply want to get rid of the corn for aesthetic reasons. Some insurance policies won’t cover this surgery even when it’s a medical necessity – unless the patient has an underlying condition that makes the corn a danger to their health (for example, the patient has diabetes). If your surgery is covered by insurance, you would only have to take care of the co-pay and deductible. 

How to Find Out if the Corn Removal Surgery Is Covered by the Insurance? 

If you’re planning a corn removal procedure, you should reach out to your insurance provider and check whether they will cover it or not. It’s always better to be informed before the surgery than to have financial problems later. If your policy doesn’t cover the procedure, you can explore other options with your doctor or switch to a better insurance policy. 

Consult With Your Surgeon in Miami About the Costs of the Procedure

For those who would like to have corn removal surgery but are worried about the price, we are here to help. You can talk to our specialist who will explain everything relating to the cost, the procedure itself, and what comes after. We at the Luxe Foot Surgery clinic pride ourselves on being open with our patients. Why not book your free consultation with our experienced specialist? Contact us by filling out an inquiry form on our website or simply call our office – we would be happy to help you. 


Do Corns Have to Be Surgically Removed?

No, corns don’t need to be removed surgically. There are some non-surgical methods that your doctor might recommend, but they aren’t always successful. If your case is severe and can’t be fixed non-surgically, your doctor will recommend corn removal surgery. 

How Long Does Corn Removal Take?

The duration of the corn removal procedure can vary drastically depending on the severity of the case and the number of corns that need to be removed, but it rarely takes more than one hour to fix this foot condition.


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