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Ugly Feet Surgery – Everything You Need to Know

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We all experience dissatisfaction with our bodies, it’s human nature. However, some people take the steps to resolve their body image issues with surgical procedures. Cosmetic foot surgeries are often called ugly feet surgery, and they can range from bunion surgery to aesthetic procedures like toe straightening.

Is Cosmetic Foot Surgery an Ugly Feet Surgery?

Cosmetic foot surgery is sometimes called “ugly feet surgery,” so, technically, the answer is yes. However, all forms of aesthetic foot corrections can be considered cosmetic or ugly feet surgeries. 

A lot depends on the opinion of your surgeon – if they deem it necessary, they could suggest a specific type of surgical procedure for your particular issues. The most common include bunion surgeries and corrective hammertoe surgeries.

Who Needs Cosmetic Foot Surgery?

People unhappy with their foot appearance often seek professional medical advice on correcting that. That dissatisfaction isn’t always unwarranted, though, as most people who complain or come for consultation have a specific foot issue.

It’s also common for people to have multiple foot problems. For example, many folks who come for toe shortening surgery also have bunions, both solvable within the same procedure if they’re on the same foot.

People with hammertoe, bunions, calluses, corns, crooked and different length toes are the most common patients in our Miami office and wider.

A pair of feet with hammertoes
People with hammertoe often have other types of foot issues at the same time

What Are the Different Types of Cosmetic Foot Procedures?

Numerous cosmetic foot procedures are also practical, like hammertoe surgeries or bunion corrections. Some other cosmetic and aesthetic surgeries include toe straightening, shortening, and lengthening.

Here’s a description of each in short.

Bunion and Bunionette Removal Procedure

Bunions are bony protrusions that form just below the big toe joint. In this case, the big toe retreats back and falls in with the other toes, coming together and forming a narrow profile. This can make the feet look ugly, but it’s more often painful and makes wearing shoes impossible.

For correcting bunions, surgeons make an incision on the big toe and reposition it, sometimes realigning the tendons and ligaments. They can use pins and screws to fix the bone deformity, which are later removed when the foot is stabilized. 

Long Toe Shortening and Short Toe Lengthening Surgeries

Patients sometimes come with a toe longer or shorter than others; this can make it difficult to choose the right footwear, cause a lot of pain and discomfort, and be cosmetically displeasing to the eye.

For long toe shortening surgery, surgeons make several small incisions and typically remove parts of or an entire small toe joint. If they remove the entire small toe joint, the two remaining joint ends are fused and left to heal.

Regarding toe lengthening, this procedure is slightly more complicated than toe shortening since patients need to be very careful where and how they move around. Surgeons would usually either graft the toe bones or install an external fixator.

Fixing Hammertoes

Hammertoes appear on the lesser toes, with the second toe being affected most often. A hammertoe is a permanently bent toe in one of the joints, and the angles at which the toes are usually bent range from mild to nearly 90-degree bends (rarely beyond that).

Essentially, hammertoe correction is the same as toe straightening surgery. A surgeon makes a small incision where the joint is bent and releases the tight tendon holding it in place. This procedure is minimal and low-risk because it involves local anesthesia and some sedatives.

Corn Removals

Corns are patches of thick, hard skin that form on the toes, usually the pinky toe. Sometimes, you can get corns on the big toe, too, but this isn’t that common. Corns can be removed non-surgically, with foot baths and pumice stones, but if you’re having a procedure for one type of foot problem, you can schedule corn removal surgery, too.

How Long Is the Recovery Process?

For most, if not all, cosmetic foot surgeries, the recovery process is short. But, depending on the procedure’s complexity, some recoveries are more painful than others. 

For example, any toe correction procedure (shortening, lengthening, or straightening) often warrants tools like extenders or screws, deeming a patient’s recovery progress mandatory to follow throughout.

Here are some approximate recovery times for each type of procedure:

  • Corn removal – two weeks full recovery; back to work in a week,
  • Bunion surgery – six weeks full recovery; back to work in two weeks,
  • Toe straightening – six weeks full recovery; back to work in two weeks,
  • Toe lengthening – five-week full recovery; back to work in a week,
  • Toe shortening – six weeks full recovery; back to work in two weeks,
  • Hammertoe – two weeks full recovery; back to work in a week,
  • Claw toe (similar to hammertoe, but more than one joint is affected) – three to six months full recovery; back to work in two to three weeks.

Schedule Your Ugly Feet Surgery With the Best Surgeon in Miami

Whether you feel you have ugly feet or notice problems that could warrant surgery, make sure to contact the best possible doctors for solving them. Luxe Foot Surgery is perfect for your needs, where you can feel good about your feet and get the best possible care. Contact us via email or phone, or visit our Miami office every weekday from 9 AM to 6 PM.


Is Foot Surgery Safe?

Foot surgery is perfectly safe. With that said, it’s recommended that you find the most suitable practice for your needs and foot problems. Research various surgeons and their offers and compare customer reviews. Ensure the doctor you choose is a licensed professional like we are at Luxe Foot Surgery.

Can You Get Foot Surgery to Make Your Feet Pretty?

It’s possible to get a beautifying foot surgery, although doctors would mainly recommend the process in case of a deformity or persistent issue. Still, all toe and foot correcting surgeries double as cosmetic, so you can rest assured that your feet will look pretty as soon as the big issues are resolved.

What Is the Surgery to Make Your Feet Pretty?

The surgery to make your feet pretty can mean various types, from bunion and hammertoe correction to toe shortening and lengthening. All these procedures regulate and normalize your feet’ appearance, making them beautiful in the process.

What Is Cinderella Foot Surgery?

Cinderella foot surgery is the procedure of making a wide foot narrower. This is often done if a person can’t seem to find suitable footwear and want to increase their chances of getting something functional and beautiful. 

It’s called a Cinderella foot surgery because it refers to the folk tale in which, famously, women undergo foot changes to fit into a royal glass shoe.


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