Wrapping Foot After Bunion Surgery

Wrapping Foot After Bunion Surgery

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If you recently had or are about to have bunion surgery, you must be worried about the healing process and wrapping your foot after bunion surgery. How are you going to succeed in this medical task on your own? There is no need to worry – in a few easy steps, you can assure your wound will be properly treated, and you’ll be able to get back on your feet pretty soon.

Get All the Necessary Supplies Before the Surgery

It is essential that you take all the necessary preparation steps even before the surgery. Logically, you won’t be able to walk easily as soon as the surgery is done, so it will be hard for you to go out of your house and look around for medicines and other medical supplies. This is why you should buy all the supplies in advance.

Wrapping Foot After Bunion Surgery Using the Myerson Wrap

Using the Myerson Wrap technique might be the best suggestion for your recovery period. This is a bandage style that can be used after the surgery – it helps you keep the big toe in the proper position. Patients should learn how to wrap it on their own during recovery. This type of bandage requires:

  • Seven four-inch gauze pads,
  • Two-inch ACE bandage,
  • Two-inch cling,
  • Two/three lengths of one-inch tape.

This will also help you sleep after the surgery without any pain or risks that your foot won’t be in the right position.

Step 1

Clean your foods carefully and unfold the gauze pads to refold them following the instructions. Starting with the little toe, you should put them between both of the toes with an even amount both on the top and bottom side. Put one four-by-four pad between each of your toes and save two between the first and second toe. 

Step 2

Once they are properly placed, you can start folding them down. The two on the inside are supposed to be crisscrossed right behind the joint line. You should be able to wiggle the toe and find the joint line. Put two more on the top and bottom for the full cover.

Step 3

You are supposed to take a two-inch cling and wrap it at the base in order to create good support and then connect all the four-by-four pads. After that, you should bring the two-inch cling behind the joint line as well as in between the two toes and gently tug to the inside of the foot. Just make sure you don’t wrap it too tight and cut off circulation.

Step 4

You should take a long piece of one-inch silk tape and put it down to make the second about the same length, which is supposed to go between the toes themselves. You should also cross them behind the joint line. Once again, you should be careful about not wrapping it too tight.

Step 5

In the end, the ACE wrap will help with the swelling. Just wrap it in the same way as you wrapped two-inch gauze. Once you’re done, your toes should still be free enough for you to wiggle them slightly.

Consult Your Surgeon in Miami About the Wrapping Techniques

If you’re curious about learning these wrapping techniques with professional assistance, you can always pay a visit to Luxe Foot Surgery in Miami and book yourself an appointment with a specialist. Just contact us, and you’ll get the best possible advice, which can be very helpful for your treatment.


How Long Should I Wrap My Foot After Bunion Surgery?

Your foot is supposed to be bandaged for about two weeks after the surgery. This is also the period when you should wear surgical shoes that will protect the bandage.

Can I Unwrap My Foot After Surgery?

You are allowed to unwrap and remove the bandage 48 hours after the surgery. If there is gauze underneath, this can also be removed.

What Do You Wear on Your Foot After Bunion Surgery?

Except for the bandage, you will also need to wear a special medical shoe that will be given to you in order to improve the healing process and help your foot recover properly.

Should I Sleep With My Foot Elevated After Bunion Surgery?

Yes, it is common for surgeons to recommend keeping your foot elevated during the day and night time. It is good to elevate it with a pillow while you sleep.


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