Bunionectomy and Hammertoe Surgery Explained

Addressing Foot Deformities: Bunionectomy and Hammertoe Surgery Explained

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Foot deformities can limit mobility and cause pain and discomfort. Genetics and footwear can lead to the progression of the issue. Interventions like bunionectomy and hammertoe surgery are highly effective in correcting these conditions and improving quality of life. Find out whether you need these procedures and what results you can expect.

Bunionectomy and Hammertoe Surgery Explained

What Are Bunions and Hammertoes?

Bunions are bony protrusions on the joint at the base of the big toe since the toe pushes against the adjacent toes. The metatarsophalangeal joint will protrude outward due to the misalignment of toes and thus cause swelling, redness, and pain.

Hammertoes, on the other hand, affect smaller toes and involve an abnormal bend of the second or third toe. This deformity has a hammer-like appearance, and it’s typically a consequence of an imbalance in the ligaments, tendons, or muscles of the proximal interphalangeal joints, which control the movement of the toes.

Who Needs to Have a Procedure?

Individuals with severely painful bunions and hammertoes, toe and joint inflammation, and swelling that cannot be alleviated with medicine and rest should consider having a bunionectomy or hammertoe surgery. 

Why Is It Important to Have a Bunionectomy and Hammertoe Surgery?

These procedures are instrumental in correcting deformities and reducing pain and discomfort while walking. The goals are to minimize the risk of developing them again and having additional foot issues such as painful calluses and corns. The surgeries are not cosmetic and are not meant to improve the foot’s appearance.

Why Is It Important to Have a Bunionectomy and Hammertoe Surgery

How to Know You Need Surgery?

Several factors signal whether surgery is necessary. When these foot deformities cause debilitating pain and all non-surgical remedies fail to provide relief, it’s best to consult a surgeon and have an expert carefully evaluate your issue. The decision to undergo a procedure should be made together with your podiatrist. 

How to Prepare For Surgery?

During the preparation process for the surgery, it would be beneficial to go over all the questions and risks of the surgery with your surgeon. Pre-operative tests will be recommended, such as X-rays and blood work. Also, the doctor will provide instructions about what to avoid during the pre-operative period, including restrictions on certain medications.

How Do Bunionectomy and Hammertoe Surgery Go?

Bunionectomy entails making an incision on the foot, cutting and removing the excess bone, and shifting the bone in the big toe back into its original position and into the correct alignment. There are different types of surgeries:

When it comes to hammertoe surgery, in most cases, the surgeon will remove the stiff toe joint by simply incising the top of the toe, removing a part of the bone found at the patient’s joint, and inserting pins to keep the joint straight. An alternative approach is fusion. In this case, the surgeon will cut tendons, ligaments, and a part of the bone. The bones will be kept together with a K-wire until everything heals.

How Do Bunionectomy and Hammertoe Surgery Go

Are There Potential Complications?

For hammertoe surgery, complications are rare. Risks include having another surgery because of the reoccurrence of the problem and sensing instability in the toe since the tendons and ligaments were cut. 

As for bunionectomy, patients can experience stiffness, infection, or nerve pain after the procedure. However, with medical staff guiding you through the recovery process, complications rarely happen.

Schedule Your Bunionectomy and Hammertoe Surgery with a Doctor in Miami

Bunionectomy and hammertoe surgery should be performed by podiatry experts, and doctors in Miami clinic Luxe Foot Surgery are a great team to rely on. Schedule your appointment and consult with a specialist about your surgery. Contact us right away, and don’t put off this important operation any longer.



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