Toe Shortening Surgery in New York

All You Should Know About Toe Shortening Surgery in New York

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It’s high time you’ve done something about your longer toes, which have been causing pain and discomfort, not to mention sometimes even embarrassment. Don’t worry about a thing, you can get toe shortening surgery in New York and, for the first time in a long time, feel comfortable wearing sandals and enjoy pointy heels. However, before choosing which surgeon would be the best option, read our article with essential information about this procedure in New York City.

Should You Have Toe Shortening Surgery in New York?

Yes, one of the best places to get an effective minimally invasive toe cosmetic surgery is definitely New York City. There is an array of clinics to choose from and different podiatrists who specialize in numerous foot surgeries such as hammertoe surgery, bunion surgery, and even flat feet surgery.

Toe Shortening Surgery in New York

What Is the Cost of Toe Shortening Surgery in New York?

Even though the cost of the procedure can be different based on the location, the expertise of the surgeon, and the technique that is used, patients generally need to pay from $500 to $3,000 per toe. Also, if the deformity is severe, the bill might even be more expensive.

How Much Does the Procedure Cost?

The majority of clinics in New York City price their toe-shortening surgery at $2,500 or $3,000. If you want to know what the cost will be like for your deformity, it’s best to consult with the doctor and get an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan first so you can then enjoy the benefits of toe-shortening surgery.

Does Insurance Cover the Cost?

This type of surgery is mainly seen as cosmetic surgery, which is not covered by insurance. Most patients have to finance the procedure on their own. However, if the doctor deems that it is medically necessary for the patient to get the procedure done, the insurance provider will allow the portion of the bill to be covered.

Does Insurance Cover the Cost

How to Find the Right Surgeon for the Procedure?

Visit the websites of all clinics that are in your area. Read what services they perform and find out more about the surgeons in the clinic. Be inquisitive about the surgeon’s track record and credentials. Read reviews and testimonials to be aware of previous patients’ experiences. Finally, call a couple of clinics and get the essential questions answered. 

What Are the Top 5 Best Clinics in the City?

Wondering what clinics are the best in this area of podiatry? We recommend the following practices in New York City.

Name of the clinicAddressPhone numberWebpage
Dr. Blitz, The Bunion King800A 5th Ave Suite #403, New York, NY 10065(212) 776-4250 
Gotham Footcare233 Broadway, Suite 1775New York, NY 10007(212) 921-7900 
Park Avenue Podiatric Care295 Madison Ave. Suite 414New York, NY 10017(212) 682-6626 
Manhattan Foot SpecialistsUpper East Side983 Park Ave, Ste 1D14New York, NY, 10028(212) 389-1886 
NYC Podiatry Center of ExcellenceMidtown, Manhattan136 E 57th St #801 New York, NY 10022(212( 288-3137 

Schedule the Procedure With a Surgeon in New York or in Miami

Even though New York has some excellent podiatry surgeons, you will also find a reliable foot surgery clinic in Miami. Our specialists in Luxe Foot Surgery are skilled and capable of solving numerous foot issues, from bunions, hammertoes, calluses, and warts to flat feet. If you need a consultation with our doctor, contact us, and we’ll take care of everything.



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