Best Bunion Shoes for Men

Best Bunion Shoes for Men

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Are you exhausted from dealing with the pain and discomfort caused by bunions? Seeking an adequate pair of shoes might be trickier than you imagine. This is why you need our help. Learn in our blog what the best bunion shoes for men are and how you can seek a stylish option that would let you take every step with ease and confidence. Let’s explore the top bunion shoes on the market.

Best Bunion Shoes for Men

What Are the Characteristics of Bunion-Friendly Shoes

All bunion-friendly shoes should ensure support and optimal comfort. Search for the pair that will provide you with:

  • Arch support – If the arch of the foot is properly supported, you will be able to reduce the pressure on the bunion and maintain proper foot alignment.
  • Wide toe box – When the toes are free to move unobstructed in the shoe, the bunion wouldn’t be exposed to friction.
  • Cushioned insole – Cushioning and padding have shock absorption properties that will provide much-needed support.
  • Adjustable closures – In case the foot is irritated or swollen, adjustable closures will provide you with an opportunity to accommodate the shoe size. Tight, ill-fitting shoes will cause bunions but spacious ones won’t.

What Shoe Types Are Suitable for Men With Bunions

Men with bunions can rely on numerous types of shoes. One of the choices could be therapeutic or orthopedic shoes which are soft and have cushioned insoles. Another option is to have men’s bunion-friendly sandals with adjustable straps that can be worn conveniently during warmer months. Finally, a great pair of athletic shoes with bunion-friendly features such as shock-absorbing soles and wide-toe boxes would be useful for any active individual.

What Shoe Types Are Suitable for Men With Bunions

Top Models of Shoes for Men With Bunion

Let’s now discuss the specific models that would provide comfort and relief from pain while walking. There are a couple of pairs that are convenient for all men with bunions and that are excellent for being worn after bunion surgery. Here are our best picks:

ECCO ST1 Hybrid Plain Toe Tie

A shoe that offers a classy style and comfort. This model is known for its shock-absorbing midsole and lightweight feature. In the sole, the very well-known SHOCKTHRU technology is integrated, which will protect the foot every step of the way. There is a removable insole and good arch support needed for people with bunions. 

OrthoComfoot Driving Shoe

OrthoComfoot Driving Shoes are made from 100% leather. These elegant and casual shoes have great arch support and an excellent lightweight design that doesn’t burden your foot. Their style is slip-on loafers that can be quickly taken off and put on. They are great for driving, working, fishing, and shopping. You won’t find it useful just for bunions but for hammer toes, heel spurs, flat feet, overpronation and pain, and arch strain.

Sebago Clovehitch II FGL Waxed

When talking about a model that offers a wide toe box, we immediately think of this model. Sebago Clovehitch II FGL Waxed shoes are designed to be an ideal protective boating shoe. They incorporate an anatomical EVA insole and breathable mesh panels. They are lightweight and they don’t stress or put pressure on the foot. 

Sebago Clovehitch II FGL Waxed

Seek Advice From Your Foot Doctor in Miami About the Shoes

Avoid choosing your ideal pair of footwear without getting a proper diagnosis from your foot doctor in Miami. First and foremost, find out how the deformity needs to be treated and whether bunion surgery would be needed. Then, seek advice on what kind of footwear would suit you the best. For accurate information, come to the Luxe Foot Surgery clinic. Schedule an appointment by contacting us over the phone or via email. 



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