Best running shoe for wide feet with bunion and heel pain

Best running shoe for wide feet with bunion and heel pain

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If you have bunions and heel pain, finding suitable running shoes could be a real challenge for you. Proper shoes can make a world of difference and ensure you don’t feel pain while running – so, what is the best running shoe for wide feet with bunion and heel pain? Keep reading to find out – we’ve explained it all in the text below.

What Are the Characteristics of the Best Running Shoe for Wide Feet With Bunion and Heel Pain?

A bunion is a bony protrusion on the base of the big toe. This common deformity causes plenty of uncomfortable symptoms, including pain during running. That’s why finding running shoes that will feel comfortable on your feet is of utmost importance. If you have heel pain in addition to a bunion, things get even more complicated. The shoes you choose to wear should accommodate your bunions but also feel comfortable on your heel. So, what exactly should you look for in a running shoe? Here’s what medical professionals recommend: 

  • Wide toe box – It’s easy to understand why wide toe boxes are crucial for feet with bunions. They ensure that bunions have enough room to move while you walk or run, consequently reducing pain and pressure. 
  • Proper arch support – Shoes with good arch support are not only helpful for reducing the pressure on bunions but also ensure that the weight is distributed evenly throughout the entire foot. This will help reduce heel pain and make running easier. 
  • Low heel – Heel height is important for those with bunions. A low heel will provide your foot with more stability and reduce the pressure on a bunion. 
Top Recommended Running Shoe Brands for Wide Feet With Bunion and Heel Pain

Top Recommended Running Shoe Brands for Wide Feet With Bunion and Heel Pain

There are a couple of great brands that specialize in creating comfortable shoes that will provide you stability while running and help keep your pain at a minimum. We’ve selected a few of the best models out there and talked about their benefits below. 

Brooks Men’s Cascadia and Brooks Women’s Cascadia

The Cascadia offers the same features for men and women – this excellent running shoe has an enhanced fit, a wide, spacious toe box, and air mesh soft uppers. Soft cushioning with shock-absorbing features ensures a comfortable run with no pressure on the bunions. 

Brooks Men's Cascadia and Brooks Women's Cascadia

HOKA Clifton 7 Men’s and Women’s

Perfect for daily use, HOKA Clifton 7 is a soft and lightweight shoe that won’t let you down. Armed with all the best qualities of the Clifton series, this model comes with a plush collar that eases pain and pressure on the heel. 

HOKA Clifton 7 Men's and Women's

New Balance Men’s and Women’s 1540

1540 by New Balance is made with modern technology that results in stable and supportive shoes – the type of shoes that will make your heels and bunions comfortable while you run. ENCAP technology offers soft cushioning, while polyurethane rim provides durability. Lastly, there’s a wide toe box that is perfect for a bunion. 

New Balance Men's and Women's 1540

Consult With Your Doctor in Miami About Your Footwear

Proper running footwear can do a lot for your health and reduce pain – but an experienced podiatrist can do even more. Consultation about treating your bunions and heel pain is necessary if the pain and pressure are making your everyday life difficult. If you’re looking for a doctor to help you with these issues, look no further than Luxe Foot Surgery clinic – our team would be more than happy to help you. Contact us to schedule your free first consultation and start your journey towards healthy feet.



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