Best Shoes for Seed Corns

Best Shoes for Seed Corns

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Many people experience seed corn problems, and one of the most common reasons for seed corn forming is ill-fitting footwear. But do you know what the best shoes for seed corns are? If you’re not certain about shoe characteristics and types you should look for, our simple guide can help you learn which footwear will aid your corn removal.

Characteristics of Best Shoes for Seed Corns

If you’re dealing with seed corns on your foot or feet, a change of shoes will be in order. Here are some qualities you should look for. 

Roomy Toe Box

A wide and deep toe box can help to provide room for the toes to move freely, reducing pressure on the affected areas. If you’re dealing with seed corns or hard or soft corns, for that matter, it’s best to avoid overly narrow shoes. 

Cushioned Soles

Shoes with cushioned soles can help to absorb shock and reduce pressure, which is especially important when dealing with corns that form on the bottom of your feet – such as seed corns. 

Arch Support

Arch support can help to distribute weight evenly across the foot, which will result in reducing pressure on the area of your foot where a seed corn has formed. 

Additionally, keep in mind that high heels can put excessive pressure on the balls of the feet, worsening the symptoms of foot corns. If you must wear heels, choose shoes with a lower heel height and a wider base for stability.

Soft and Flexible Material

Shoes made from flexible material follow the shape of the foot, which creates a lot less pressure (and damage) than shoes made from hard materials. 

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What Are Some Types of Shoes That Are Good for Seed Corns

Not all shoe types are a good fit for people experiencing seed corn problems. So, which footwear should you look for when you want to help your foot heal? Consider the following suggestions. 

Athletic Shoes

Athletic shoes are designed with cushioning and support in mind, making them not only good but the best choice for individuals with foot corns. Make sure you wear quality athletic shoes as much as possible if you want to get rid of seed corns. 

Sandals and Loafers

Sandals are a good solution for more formal events as long as they come with adjustable straps, cushioned soles for maximum comfort, and no heels. The same goes for loafers – just ensure they are made from flexible materials and come with a deep toe box. 

Orthopedic Shoes

Orthopedic shoes are specifically designed to address different foot conditions and are good solutions if you wish to secure extra padding, arch support, and wider and deeper toe boxes.

Contact Your Surgeon in Miami and Get Rid of Seed Corns for Good

Wearing shoes that fit you better is the first step in treating corns, but oftentimes it’s not the only action you need to take. Besides home treatments and over-the-counter solutions, you can always look for a corn removal surgery clinic and get rid of seed corn quickly. 

If you’re looking for a team of medical experts who can determine your condition accurately and advise you on your next course of action, look no further than Luxe Foot Surgery. Feel free to contact us via an online form or phone and book your free appointment – together, we will get to the core of the problem and fix it permanently. 


What Shoes to Avoid When Having Corns?

Make sure to avoid shoes that don’t offer enough support and are made of hard, inflexible materials. Additionally, retain from wearing narrow and high-heeled footwear. 

Will Wide Shoes Help With Corns?

Wide shoes that leave enough space for your feet won’t add pressure to the affected area, which can help when dealing with corns. However, too wide shoes can cause friction that will result in corn development – so make sure you have just enough room in your shoes to wiggle your toes. 

How Do You Fix Seed Corns?

There are numerous home treatment options and products you can use for deep corn removal. However, if you’re the right candidate, the best option would be corn removal surgery

Why Do I Keep Getting Seed Corns on My Feet?

The most common reason seed corns occur is in shoes that don’t fit right. Therefore, the first step in the healing process should be acquiring more fitting footwear. 


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