Bunion Surgery With Morton's Toe Shortening

Bunion Surgery With Morton’s Toe Shortening Explained

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Bunions and Morton’s toes are common podiatric conditions – sometimes, they can be found on the same foot. If you’re struggling with both of these problems, you must be wondering if you could have bunion surgery with Morton’s toe shortening. We’ve talked about this double procedure in this blog, so be sure to keep reading.

How Much Does the Bunion Surgery With Morton’s Toe Shortening Cost?

Since these are essentially two surgeries done at once, the price will reflect that. The cost of minimally invasive bunion surgery can be anywhere from $3,500 to $12,000 – the average price is $5,560. When it comes to toe shortening surgery costs, the price range is from $1,000 to $5,000 (the average cost is $2,500). 

Bunion Surgery With Morton's Toe Shortening

Can You Have Bunion Surgery With Morton’s Toe Shortening?

Morton’s toe is a hereditary condition where a person has a second toe that’s longer than the big toe. It’s a common occurrence, and it doesn’t pose any significant problem – except for an aesthetic issue. If you want to get rid of the long second toe, you’ll need toe shortening surgery

This can be combined with bunion surgery, so you don’t have to come to the podiatric clinic for surgery twice. Of course, if your bunion is too severe, your doctor may recommend doing just bunion correction, and you will be able to return for the toe shortening procedure when you recover from the bunionectomy. 

Why Should You Have Both Procedures at the Same Time?

The idea of having two separate surgeries definitely sounds more intimidating than just one surgery, right? Since it’s possible for your foot doctor to correct a bunion and a long toe at the same time, why wouldn’t you opt for this double surgery? 

Enhanced Relief From Bunion-Related Pain

Bunions are often quite painful – conservative treatment can only do so much to relieve the pain caused by this deformity. Bunion surgery is the last resort when you can’t deal with symptoms anymore. The good news is that you will feel so much better after the procedure. If you also correct the long toe, the relief will surely be enhanced – if the long toe rubs against the insides of your shoes, it likely also causes some discomfort and pain that contributes to the overall uncomfortable feeling. 

Improved Foot Appearance and Symmetry

There’s no denying that bunions are also a cosmetic problem. We treat the pain primarily, but one of the benefits of bunion surgery is a huge improvement in the appearance of your feet. If you correct the long toe at the same time, you will get even better results and finally be completely satisfied with the way your feet look. 

Improved Foot Appearance and Symmetry

Regaining Mobility and Normal Gait

Both Morton’s toe and a bunion can interfere with the way you stand and walk. Not only do they cause pain that makes it difficult to walk, but they also affect the biomechanics of your foot. When you get rid of these problems, your mobility will improve – walking and running will be so easy for you. 

How Long Is the Recovery Process?

The initial recovery period for both of these surgeries is about six weeks. It will take up to three months to fully recover, and you may experience slight pain or swelling up to six months after the procedure, but this is rare. Keep in mind that recovery might be a bit more difficult since you would be basically recovering from two procedures. 

Consult Your Surgeon in Miami Before Scheduling the Procedure

If you’re interested in this procedure, you should talk to an experienced podiatrist and get answers to all of your questions. The team at the Luxe Foot Surgery clinic can help with that – all you have to do is contact us and schedule a consultation. 



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