Bunion Surgery Experiences

Bunion Surgery Experiences

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Deciding to undergo surgery is an important decision, even when it’s a simple outpatient procedure like bunion surgery. Knowing that every procedure comes with some risks, it’s reasonable to wonder about bunion surgery experiences. Is it worth the trouble, or should you look for other ways to manage your pain? We’ve explained everything about bunionectomy expectations in this article. 

Are There More Positive or Negative Bunion Surgery Experiences?

Most patients have pleasant experiences with bunion surgery – this is a quick and simple procedure. Bunionectomy is usually performed as a minimally invasive surgery, and it’s an outpatient procedure that rarely leads to complications. This means you will be back home the same day after the surgery. 

The recovery time is way better than it would be for traditional surgery, which is one of many benefits that minimally invasive surgery has brought us. When it comes to success rates, it has been reported that about 95% of bunion surgeries are successful – as you can see, a positive outcome is almost guaranteed. 

What Should You Consider When Reading Other People’s Experiences?

Keep in mind that no two patients are the same – one person’s bad experience doesn’t mean you will have an unpleasant outcome or problems after surgery. Everyone’s case is different, and doctors always approach the patient as an individual and not just a common medical condition. If you have a great doctor, they will know what kind of procedure is best for you, and you won’t have anything to worry about. 

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What Are the Main Positive Experiences When It Comes to Bunion Surgery?

What is the best benefit of bunion surgery? The first thing that comes to mind when you ask someone about this is relief from pain. Bunion pain can be quite severe and affect everyday life, and getting rid of that means a lot to patients. Of course, we can’t overlook the cosmetic aspect of this procedure – bunions aren’t pretty, and fixing them helps patients feel more confident and happy. Lastly, it’s way easier to find shoes that fit you if you don’t have bunions!

What Are the Main Negative Experiences When It Comes to Bunion Surgery?

As with any surgery, bunionectomy comes with a few risks. What mostly worries patients is the possibility of a failed surgery and the recurrence of a bunion. So, what can go wrong with bunion surgery? Your surgeon can fail to fix the deformity or overcorrect it. Failure to fix the bunion is called undercorrection – this means that additional surgery will be required. 

On the other hand, overcorrection leads to a new problem – hallux varus. This is a bigger issue than undercorrection and brings more severe symptoms. Lastly, there could be problems with bone healing – malunion (bone healed in an irregular position) and nonunion (bone hasn’t healed at all). 

Talk to Your Surgeon After Going Through Other People’s Experiences

If you’ve been reading about other patients’ experiences with bunion surgery, you might have a few worries regarding your own procedure. Don’t hesitate to bring this up with your doctor – they should be able to explain everything and inform you about the risks of the procedure. We at the Luxe Foot Surgery clinic take our patients’ worries seriously and do our best to provide them with relevant information before their procedure. If you want to get a free consultation with one of our specialists, be sure to contact us to book your appointment. 


How Painful Is Bunion Surgery Recovery?

Bunion surgery recovery is painful, but the pain can be well managed with NSAIDs, which are over-the-counter pain medications. Your doctor will prescribe you the medication after surgery. Ice packs and elevating the leg are also helpful with pain – they help decrease the swelling, which results in less pain. 

Are People Happy With Bunion Surgery?

Yes, most patients are extremely satisfied with bunion surgery and its results. The success rates are above 90%, which means that most patients will get rid of their bunions with this procedure. 

Is Bunion Surgery Difficult to Recover From?

Recovery from bunion surgery isn’t difficult – especially if you had a minimally invasive procedure. There will be some pain, but nothing that can’t be managed with over-the-counter pain medication. Recovery usually takes anywhere from six weeks to three months. 

What Percentage of Bunion Surgery Is Successful?

Bunion surgery, or bunionectomy, is successful in the vast majority of cases – success rates are about 95%, depending on the type of procedure that was performed.


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