How to Rebuild Arches in Flat Feet

How to Rebuild Arches in Flat Feet

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Having flat feet is a very common condition, and it’s usually pain-free. It affects people all around the globe and is an after-effect of improper development of arches in early childhood. But how to rebuild arches in flat feet without having to undergo surgery? If not severe, this condition can be overcome with simple yet effective approaches.

There are several ways to rebuild arches in flat feet, including:

  1. Wearing orthotic inserts: Custom-made orthotic inserts can be worn in shoes to provide support for the arches and redistribute pressure on the feet.
  2. Physical therapy: Exercises and stretches can be prescribed by a physical therapist to help strengthen the muscles in the feet and improve arch support.
  3. Footwear: Wearing shoes with good arch support can also help to rebuild arches in flat feet.
  4. Taping: Taping the foot in a specific way can also help to support the arch and redistribute pressure on the foot
  5. Surgery: In some cases, surgery may be necessary to correct structural issues in the feet that are causing flat feet.

It is important to consult a podiatrist or orthopedic specialist to determine the best course of treatment for your specific condition.

Can You Exercise With Flat Feet?

There are different exercises designed to strengthen the support of the arch and the whole foot. However, if you don’t support your feet with a specialized type of running shoe for flat feet or orthotics, there can be certain complications. The arches of your feet act as a natural shock absorber for the whole body, and ensuring you have proper footwear will lower the chances of developing injury or pain.

If you’re wondering what the common causes of flat feet are, they usually occur due to the following factors:

  • Weakened muscles in the foot,
  • Pregnancy,
  • Injury,
  • Ligament laxity.

If left untreated, these factors can lead to pain and disability and require a surgical approach. There are cases when surgery is even necessary for kids with flat feet, but ensure you consult with your orthopedic surgeon first.

Can You Rebuild Your Arches Without Surgery?

Although it’s possible to treat flat feet with exercise and orthotics, these conservative strategies require a lot of commitment. Most of all, the possibility of rebuilding the arches with these exercises is fairly limited, and they instead have the purpose of supporting it when weight and pressure are applied. Keep in mind that you should immediately contact a medical professional if you notice pain and discomfort.

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How to Rebuild Arches in Flat Feet – Exercises You Can Try

Taking care of your flat feet condition is extremely important since, if left unattended, they can lead to overall stress for the body and pain and imbalance in joints and spine. If you commit to exercise and support the arches, it can bring your body into alignment and correct any other issues caused by this condition.

Heel Raises

If you want to work on strengthening the muscles of both your foot and the lower part of the leg, you should do heel raises. You can do this while standing on a soft surface while you’re barefoot. Stand with your feet spread to shoulder width, raise both feet simultaneously off the ground, and stand on the forefoot and toes. Stay in this position for a second or two, then lower both feet to the ground. Repeat this process 10-15 times, two or three times a day.

Arch Squeeze

Sit down on the floor, and while you’re in that position, ensure your feet are flat on the floor, along with your toes. Slide the forefoot backward in the direction of your heel while consistently squeezing your arch. If it’s easier, try to imagine you’re shortening your foot and hold this position for about 10 to 15 seconds. After your foot is relaxed, repeat the exercise about ten times per foot.

Walking Barefoot

If you practice walking barefoot on soft surfaces such as grass or sand, it will require the use of intrinsic muscles located in your feet. These muscles are important for your arch support, as well as the movement of the toes.

Marble Pick-Ups

Sit on the floors with marbles spread on the floor in front of your feet. Pick each one up using your toes and place them in a box or container. This way, you will strengthen the intrinsic muscles in each foot. Ensure you pick from 10 to 15 marbles with each foot in one session.

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Consult Your Foot Expert About Rebuilding Arches

If you want to explore all the options concerning your flat feet condition and inquire about different types of surgery (such as minimally invasive bunion surgery), reach out to us at Luxe Foot Surgery center. Our dedicated team of professionals will work with you toward the best solution, so don’t hesitate to contact us.


How Long Does It Take to Rebuild Arches in Flat Feet?

If you have an issue with flat feet, and your doctor has recommended a conservative approach, keep in mind that it will take between 3 and 18 months to correct them.

Can You Regain Arches in Your Feet?

By committing to exercising and orthotic support, you can regain and strengthen the arches of your feet. However, not all cases can be corrected this way, so some will require surgery.


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