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Minimally Invasive Hammertoe Surgery Cost – An Informative Guide

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Do you need pain relief from a bent toe joint? Fortunately for many patients, there is a minimally invasive surgery that would improve the functionality as well as the alignment of toes quickly and effectively. Before undergoing the correction surgery, find out what is the minimally invasive hammertoe surgery cost and whether an insurance plan could cover all expenses.

What Is the Average Cost of the Procedure?

The minimally invasive hammertoe surgery cost ranges from $2,000 to $4,000. Different factors come into play that determine the overall cost, such as the facility’s location, the expertise of the surgeon, the complexity of the deformity, and the technique used.

Factors Influence the Cost – The Breakdown

If you’d like to know more about the factors that influence the price of hammertoe surgical treatment, we’ve provided a breakdown. Of course, consultation with the chosen surgeon would be the best option for finding out what your expenses will be. Also, the insurance plan of the patient affects the out-of-pocket expenses.

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Surgeon’s Experience and Clinic’s Reputation

The more reputable the surgeon is, the higher the price will be. Having a doctor with a proven track record of great medical and cosmetic outcomes would make the patient feel at ease in the clinic. It’s vital to conduct a bit of research on different surgeons and clinics and read a couple of patient testimonials. It’s better to pay a bit more and be certain of the procedure’s outcome.

Specific Equipment or Technology Utilized

Minimally invasive corrective procedures often require specialized instruments such as precision-guided tools and endoscopic cameras to reach and correct the affected toe joint with minimal tissue disruption. Some surgical facilities have cutting-edge technology and equipment that is used during the procedure, and this fact is reflected in an inflated price.

Post-Operative Care and Follow-up Appointments

After hammertoe surgery, the patient will need a few follow-up appointments. One consultation usually costs between $100 and $300, and these can be included in the overall price. The surgeon needs to monitor the patient’s progress and remove stitches. In case there are complications, more visits will be required, which would affect the expenses.

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Is Minimally Invasive Hammertoe Surgery Covered by Insurance?

As with every surgery, it depends on the insurance coverage and the patient’s state of well-being, whether the surgery will be covered by insurance or not. If the surgeon deems the procedure medically necessary for the patient to prevent the deformity from getting worse, the cost of the procedure may be covered. An insurance provider can only provide accurate information for each patient. 

Are There Some Other Financing Options?

Certain clinics accept financing options such as:

  • Payment plans: Surgical centers and healthcare providers offer a plan that would allow the patient to spread the cost of the procedure over a couple of months, making it easier to pay off the debt. 
  • Medical loans: If insurance coverage doesn’t cover the expenses, another option is to take out a medical loan that comes with interest rates and flexible payment terms. They are specifically designed for medical procedures.
  • Medical credit cards: A great financing option is to use the money from the medical credit card. They provide individuals with promotional interest-free periods. 

In some cases, the clinics will negotiate payment options with the patient. However, to know for sure, one must schedule an appointment with the clinic and discuss available financing options.

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Talk to Your Doctor in Miami About the Overall Expenses of the Procedure

Discuss the necessity of the procedure with a reliable doctor in Miami. Find out the exact expenses and whether a payment plan can be used to pay off the hammertoe surgery costs. All of the questions and concerns about this corrective operation will be answered for you in a consultation. Without further delay, schedule an appointment at the Luxe Foot Surgery clinic simply by contacting us over the phone or via the website.



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