Why Do Seed Corns Keep Coming Back and What to Do About It

Why Do Seed Corns Keep Coming Back and What to Do About It

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Seed corns are patches of dead skin that develop due to rubbing and friction while a person walks. Individuals with acquired and hereditary foot deformities are more likely to develop seed corns. However, what happens when seed corns keep coming back every time you successfully treat them or after having a corn removal surgery? The main reason why this might happen is because you haven’t figured out the cause and eliminated it. We can help you remove corns once and for all.

Why Are Seed Corns Coming Back?

You might feel helpless and discouraged when seed corns keep returning. Just when you start to take your steps more confidently, the issue arises again. Do not worry. There is something you are missing. Some part of the skin on the foot is irritated, and you need to figure out the cause. If you want to get rid of them once and for all, think about what factors contribute to seed corn formation.

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What Are the Causes of Recurring Seed Corns?

Generally, seed corns come back because there is friction and pressure on the skin while you are walking in uncomfortable shoes. This is mostly due to the shape of the foot or the bony area that is in constant contact with the shoe. However, they might come back because a surgeon improperly removed it or the natural remedies were not effective enough. Check out the list below with underlying causes and what you can do about them.

Improper Treatment

When it comes to improper treatment, seed corns will return if the surgeon fails to remove the entire corn from the foot or the healing process doesn’t go according to the plan. Also, the surgeon needs to determine whether there are foot deformities that are causing the issue and suggest removing them as well.

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Persistent Underlying Cause

Do you have flat feet or Morton’s toe? Perhaps you have other medical conditions, such as diabetes and arthritis, that can lead to improper walking. If you have an underlying cause such as flat feet, a bunion, Morton’s toe, or hammer toe, you will see corns returning if you do not solve these issues first. However, when it comes to medical conditions, you might want to be aware of the problem and take good care of your feet.

Wearing Poorly Fitting Shoes

In case you undergo surgery or manage to get rid of the corn using natural remedies, wearing poorly fitting shoes would lead to corn formation again. If they are the cause of friction and pressure, they need to be eliminated.

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How to Properly Treat Seed Corns?

If the seed corn is not infected or painful, you can try to get rid of it by soaking your feet in warm water and trimming the corn using a pumice store. After this, you can leave a lotion with salicylic acid on the area overnight to dissolve the thickened skin. Natural alternatives to lotions are vinegar and lemon juice. However, don’t pull the corn out at any point since it will cause an infection.

Consult With a Doctor

If you fail to remove the seed corn using home remedies, consult with your doctor. Don’t leave it untreated since, over time, it will grow worse, and the skin will thicken and discoloration will occur. Once you consult with your doctor about the best course of action, you will be sure that it will get removed properly.

Use Over-the-Counter Products

Medications will help you get the results you want but also prevent corns from returning. For instance, products containing salicylic acid or urea would be beneficial for your skin. If there is a risk of infection, use antibiotic ointments. 

Implement Preventative Measures

If you want to prevent getting corn, then you should stay away from friction-causing activities, high-heels, and tight shoes. Your socks and stockings must not cramp your toes. Also, if you have some hereditary foot deformities, such as flat feet or a painful hammer toe, consult with a medical professional about how to lessen the detrimental effect it has on your feet.

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When to See a Doctor?

Make sure to treat your seed corns on time. If you see that the seed corn will not go away and it starts to hurt more, request an appointment with a medical professional. It’s important to have someone examine the foot if the condition is interfering with daily activities or if the corn appears to be infected.

Visit Your Doctor in Miami and Get Rid of Corn Seed

Luxe Foot Surgery can help you solve any problem or foot condition that is having a negative effect on your lifestyle. If you consider getting a procedure, first schedule a consultation with our doctors, who will let you know what the surgery entails. We will answer any questions you have. Simply contact us during the week from 9 AM to 6 PM and finally get rid of foot seed corns.


How Do You Get Rid of Recurring Corns?

First, determine what is causing the problem. Do you have a foot deformity? Is your medical condition affecting the way you walk and run? Once you know the cause, you can take preventative measures that will stop the recurrence of seed corns.

Will a Seed Corn on Foot Go Away on Its Own?

No, it won’t go away if there is friction and pressure on your skin. It needs to be treated using natural remedies or by having a doctor surgically remove it. Fortunately, it will disappear if you treat it properly.



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