The Benefits of Hammer Toe Surgery With Toe Shortening

The Benefits of Hammer Toe Surgery With Toe Shortening

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Hammer toe can limit a person’s ability to carry out daily activities and walk comfortably. When conservative treatments fail to deliver results, hammer toe surgery with toe shortening comes into the picture, offering hope for those seeking relief. We’ll delve into the benefits and impact of these procedures on a patient’s quality of life. Also, if you are wondering whether this is a good option for your foot deformity, we’ll let you know right away.

When Should You Have Hammer Toe Surgery With Toe Shortening?

The procedure’s necessity depends on how severe the hammertoe is, the level of discomfort or pain experienced, and the effect the symptoms have on the patient’s daily life. Doctors usually advise patients to try conservative treatments such as using orthotics and going to physical therapy. But, when those treatments are ineffective, hammertoe surgery is an option, along with toe shortening.

Is Having Hammer Toe Surgery With Toe Shortening a Good Idea?

Correcting the deformity can be the only chance for the patient to lead a pain-free lifestyle, and in this case, having the procedures is definitely a good idea. However, like with any surgical procedure, some potential complications and risks can occur, such as nerve pain and infection. The only way to know for sure whether you are the perfect candidate is to talk to a podiatry specialist and discuss all aspects of the procedures. 

Is Having Hammer Toe Surgery With Toe Shortening a Good Idea

Why Should You Do It?

In case the doctor deems the surgery medically necessary, you should have the procedure done since it can help with comfort, confidence, and foot pain. When the structure of the foot is restored, you will see that walking and standing don’t have to be followed by discomfort and that you can wear any type of footwear you like.

What Are the Benefits of Hammer Toe Surgery With Toe Shortening?

Firstly, the surgery will correct the toe’s alignment and relieve the pressure on the affected joint and surrounding tissue. The toe shortening procedure is effective at improving the aesthetic appearance of the foot, doing away with any cosmetic concerns you may have before the procedure. Here are some of the additional advantages of the procedures.

Relieving Pain and Discomfort

The misalignment of the second and third toe can lead to throbbing pain while wearing shoes or walking. When the root cause of the pain is eliminated, the discomfort and pain will disappear, and there will be a significant improvement in the overall health of the foot.

Enhancing Foot Appearance and Symmetry

Achieving a natural alignment through these two procedures will greatly impact the confidence of the patient in their feet’s appearance and return their self-confidence. When aesthetically pleasing contour and symmetry are created, you will get the correct shape of the foot, and you can walk comfortably again.

Regaining Mobility and Normal Gait

Regaining Mobility and Normal Gait

Foot deformities contribute to abnormal gait patterns and imbalances throughout the body. The hammertoe and toe shortening surgery can restore the foot’s natural mechanics, and individuals can then distribute the weight evenly across the foot. After the recovery from the procedure, you will get a better body alignment, posture and regain mobility.

Consult Your Surgeon in Miami About Having Both Procedures at the Same Time

Are you the ideal candidate for hammertoe surgery in combination with the toe-shortening procedure? The only way to find out for sure is to consult with the doctor in Miami and discuss whether this can be beneficial for your condition. Search for the Luxe Foot Surgery clinic and ask our staff about all aspects of these procedures. You can contact us via our website or give us a phone call.



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