Toe Extensor Tendon Lengthening CPT

Toe Extensor Tendon Lengthening CPT

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If you’ve been experiencing chronic pain and having trouble with walking and the appearance of your feet because of your shortened toe extensor tendons, then maybe toe extensor tendon lengthening CPT code 28234 might be the right solution for you. 

What Is Toe Extensor Tendon Lengthening Surgery? 

In some cases, people have very short toe extensor tendons on their feet, which makes their toes curl up a bit as the tendon isn’t long enough to support them standing straight. This condition can cause a lot of discomfort while walking and chronic pain, so toe extensor tendon lengthening surgery is the best fix. It will elongate the tendons allowing your toes to straighten. 

What Is CPT Code for Toe Extensor Tendon Lengthening?

The CPT code for toe extensor tendon lengthening surgery is 28234. A CPT code – Current Procedural Terminology – is a universal language for medical professionals. Every medical procedure and service is coded with its own number, improving overall efficiency. 

What Is CPT Code for Toe Extensor Tendon Lengthening

Are There Any Risks and Complications of Toe Extensor Tendon Lengthening Surgery

No matter how great of a doctor you have or how simple the medical procedure is, every surgery carries some risk with it, and there are potential complications with every procedure. Most people don’t take foot operations too seriously, but toe surgery is some of the most delicate work a surgeon can do, as your feet are meant to support your entire weight. There are many things that could go wrong even with a routine procedure, such as excessive bleeding, infections, blood clots, nerve damage, and so on. All good doctors will advise you against surgery if there is any other alternative treatment option. However, when it comes to short tendons in toes, toe extensor tendon lengthening surgery is the most effective option. 

Consider Infection and Nerve Damage

The most common complication of any surgery is developing an infection either during or after the surgery. Your feet are an ideal place on your body for developing an infection, and because the surgery is performed on your toes, chances of catching an infection after surgery are pretty high, so make sure to follow the after-surgery treatment your doctor had prescribed. 

However, in cases of toe surgeries, especially when you’re trying to elongate a tendon, nerve damage has also been a very popular complication of the surgery. Sometimes, even to no fault of the doctor, important nerves in your toes and feet can get irreparably damaged. That means that mobility in your toes or feet could be restricted. So, when considering whether or not you need to have the toe extensor tendon lengthening operation, you should definitely weigh out the pros and cons and take all the risks and potential complications into account. 

There Can Be Some Scarring

The recovery period after any medical procedure is very important, and especially after foot surgery. Your foot needs to rest and be elevated for a while. Once a couple of months have passed, and your feet are completely healed, you might see that there is some scarring left from the surgery. That’s completely normal and very common. However, if you want to minimize scarring, there are some things you could do, like apply moisturizing creams to the area. 

A certain amount of scarring is completely normal

Talk to Your Doctor in Miami About Toe Extensor Tendon Lengthening Cpt

When talking about CPT codes and various foot surgeries, you need to make sure you’re going to the right place and talk to a medical professional you can trust. Every surgery can cause a bit of fear, but knowing you’re going to a reliable place, such as the Luxe Foot Surgery clinic, will make you feel much safer. 

If you have any additional questions or concerns about the procedure or its risks, feel free to contact us, and we’ll gladly help you out and answer all your questions. Once you’re sure you want to undergo the procedure, we will book your appointment with the best doctor in Miami. 


What Is the CPT for EHL Tendon Lengthening?

The CPT code for EHL tendon lengthening is 28225. 

What Is the CPT Code for 2nd Toe Extensor Tendon Lengthening?

The CPT code for 2nd toe extensor tendon lengthening is 28234. 

What Is the CPT Code for Extensor Tendon Release?

The CPT code for extensor tendon release is 26428. 

What Is CPT Code 27680?

The CPT code 27680 is meant for repairs, revisions, and reconstructive procedures on the legs and ankle joints. 



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