Toe Lengthening and Prosthetic Nail Surgery

Toe Lengthening and Prosthetic Nail Surgery

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Toe lengthening and prosthetic nail surgery are two types of foot surgeries that can be used to address a variety of cosmetic and functional concerns. While these procedures are not the same, they can be used in combination or separately to help individuals achieve their desired goals. Read on if you want to know more about them and how they can help your specific situation. 

What Is Toe Lengthening Surgery?

Brachymetatarsia is a syndrome that causes one or more toes to be significantly shorter. It’s caused by trauma or, more often, genetics. Those who have a short toe often consider a toe-lengthening surgery to improve the functionality and aesthetics of the affected toe(s).

Who Needs It?

Sometimes, this foot condition causes pain and discomfort during different activities. Not only that, but people with brachymetatarsia have difficulties finding suitable footwear and are more prone to developing a foot corn which can add more pain. However, keep in mind that short toes can often affect weight distribution and balance, not to mention the look of your feet. If brachymetatarsia is causing you some of these issues, keep in mind that toe plastic surgery is your best solution. 

What Is Prosthetic Nail Surgery?

Prosthetic nail surgery is a procedure designed to replace a missing or damaged nail with a prosthetic nail. The procedure is typically performed on individuals who have lost a nail due to injury, trauma, or other medical conditions and who are looking to restore the appearance and function of their affected nail. During the procedure, the surgeon will carefully remove any remaining fragments of the damaged nail and will then mold and shape a custom-made prosthetic nail to fit the patient’s individual needs. 

Who Needs It?

Prosthetic nail replacement can be performed for a number of reasons, but they usually combine cosmetic purposes with the possibility of nail treatment and correction. It’s a common solution among those with fungal-infected, absent, or traumatized toenails. Keep in mind that a reliable clinic will not only provide you with a prosthetic nail but also help your damaged toenail heal whenever possible. 

What Is Prosthetic Nail Surgery

Are Toe Lengthening and Prosthetic Nail Surgery Commonly Combined?

While toe-lengthening and prosthetic nail surgery are both procedures that can address issues with the toes and nails, they are typically performed as separate surgeries. Toe lengthening surgery is designed to increase the length of the toe, while prosthetic nail surgery is designed to replace a missing or damaged nail. However, these procedures may be combined if the patient’s unique case demands it – as long as the chosen clinic provides both of these services.

Schedule Both Procedures With the Best Surgeon in Miami

If you’re seeking the most effective solution for your brachymetatarsia and nail replacement, your next step should be finding a clinic that can perform both toe-lengthening and prosthetic nail surgery. With years of experience in numerous cosmetic procedures, Luxe Foot Surgery will find the best solution for your short toes and damaged nails and make your feet look beautiful. Therefore, don’t hesitate to call us or contact us via an online form and schedule your free consultation.


Can You Get Prosthetic Toe Nails?

It is possible to get prosthetic toenails replacements, which will improve the aesthetics of your toes damaged due to trauma or some medical condition.

How Long Does Prosthetic Toenail Last?

How long the prosthetic toenail lasts will be determined by the quality of your natural nail as well as your level of activity. Usually, these nails can last around three months.

Is There a Permanent Toenail Replacement?

Although it’s not common, you can permanently attach a prosthetic nail to the affected area. This involves the use of a medical-grade adhesive or other materials to attach a custom-made prosthetic nail to the nail bed. 



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