Does Toe Lengthening Surgery Hurt

Does Toe Lengthening Surgery Hurt

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Before every medical procedure, the patients usually create a pros and cons list in their heads to weigh out if the procedure is actually worth all the trouble. One of the biggest questions is whether it will be painful. So, if you were wondering does toe lengthening surgery hurt, keep reading to find out. 

When Should You Have Toe Lengthening Surgery?

If you’re someone that’s been dealing with discomfort and chronic pain because of your toe deformity, or you simply don’t like the way your feet look, and you want to change that, then toe lengthening surgery is the way to go. 

Does Toe Lengthening Surgery Hurt

While the procedure lasts, you shouldn’t be able to feel any pain. During your whole surgery, you will be under local anesthesia, and you shouldn’t feel any sensation in the whole area – it should be numb. While local anesthesia is usually enough for most patients, in some rare cases, patients need stronger anesthesia, so they will be placed either under general, spinal, or regional anesthesia. 

In case you feel some pain during your procedure, let your doctor know immediately so they can adjust your anesthetic accordingly. And while there is supposed to be no pain during the procedure, you can expect to feel pain after your procedure, during your recovery time. 

How Long Is the Recovery Process?

The recovery process usually lasts for six to eight weeks. However, in some more serious cases of deformity, external fixators have to be placed during the procedure, so the recovery process can last a minimum of three months, up to half a year. 

Are Complications Possible?

As with any other kind of medical procedure, complications are possible with toe lengthening surgery. There are certain risks even with simple routine procedures. Here are some potential complications you should take into consideration: 

  • Excessive bleeding,
  • Blood clots,
  • Infections,
  • Swelling,
  • Nerve damage, and so on. 

Consult Your Doctor in Miami About the Procedure

If you’re interested in the toe lengthening procedure but you still have some questions and doubts, contact us, and we will make sure to put your mind at ease and answer all of your questions. After you have all the needed information, we can schedule your appointment at the Luxe Foot Surgery clinic to have your toes elongated by the best surgeon in Miami. 


Is Big Toe Surgery Painful?

If you were wondering if big toe surgery is painful, you should know that no surgery should be painful while it’s taking place. Your big toe surgery shouldn’t be painful, in fact, you shouldn’t feel a thing as you’ll be under a local anesthetic. If you start feeling some pain, you should let your doctor know, and your anesthesia will be adjusted. In more severe cases, patients will be placed under spinal, regional, or general anesthesia to prevent the patient from feeling any pain during the procedure. 

How Long Does It Take To Recover From Toe Lengthening Surgery?

As with any other medical procedure, toe lengthening surgery requires some recovery time where you will need to rest, elevate your feet, and take it easy for a while. In most cases of this procedure, it takes six to eight weeks to recover from the procedure. However, in more severe cases, it could take up to a couple of months to fully recover. 

How Long Does Pain Last After Toe Surgery?

Most people tend to feel some pain after they have had toe surgery. It’s normal and expected your toes will hurt as they heal, but there is no way of telling how long the pain will last after toe surgery. For some patients, their toes will only hurt for a few hours after the surgery, some feel pain during the next week, and others can feel pain even weeks or months after the procedure. 

Does Toe Shortening Surgery Hurt?

No surgery should hurt, including toe shortening surgery. While the procedure is taking place, you shouldn’t feel any pain at all, thanks to the anesthesia. If you do feel some pain, you need to inform your doctor that they need to up your anesthesia dosage. And while pain during the procedure is not normal, it’s very common and perfectly normal to feel a certain amount of pain after the surgery. 


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