Walking After Toe Lengthening Surgery

Walking After Toe Lengthening Surgery

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Most people that are unsatisfied with their toes think about toe lengthening surgery at some point. The first thing that they wonder is how long they would have to wait before walking after toe lengthening surgery. Even though it’s a minimally invasive procedure, there is still some recovery time involved, so here is everything you need to know in order to make an informed decision. 

How Long Is the Recovery After Toe Lengthening Surgery?

No matter how minimally invasive the procedure is, every surgery requires some recovery time. It’s still a medical procedure done on your body, and it needs time to recover and get back to its full speed. The recovery time for the toe lengthening surgery won’t be the same in all cases. It all depends on the method that was used and how drastically the procedure altered your toes. If there was more lengthening involved, the recovery time will be longer. 

Sometimes, if the procedure isn’t as aggressive, the recovery time only lasts a couple of weeks. However, in more severe cases, it can last up to a couple of months. In most cases, it usually takes anywhere between six and eight weeks to recover from the procedure. You should also take into consideration that not everybody will be dealing with the same amount of pain after the surgery – some people will need to take pain medication. 

How Long Is the Recovery After Toe Lengthening Surgery

When Can You Start Walking After Toe Lengthening Surgery?

The bad news is that you won’t be able to walk right after your surgery. You will need at least six to eight weeks of resting time before you can start walking again. In the most severe cases, this period can even be prolonged to three months. 

What Should You Know Before You Start Walking?

Taking your first steps after toe surgery is a big deal – it means your surgery experience is coming to an end. It’s definitely an exciting moment, but that doesn’t mean you should get carried away. After six weeks of not walking properly, you aren’t exactly ready to run a marathon. You need to take it slow and be patient during your recovery. Go step by step, don’t push yourself too much. 

Choose the Right Type of Footwear

Choosing appropriate footwear is one of the most important things during your recovery time. Your foot needs to heal completely, and you need the right type of footwear to help protect your foot while you’re starting to walk again. If you have to get an external fixator (cast) after your surgery, you will have to wear special lace-up shoes for six weeks after you take off your cast. 

Use of Assistive Devices

Your doctor might advise you to use assistive devices when trying to walk after surgery. Crutches, cranes, and walkers could really help you out during your recovery time.  

Stretch and Exercise

Talk to your doctor about some light home exercises you can do during your recovery period to keep your feet active and stretched. 

Consult Your Doctor in Miami About Walking After Toe Lengthening Surgery

When in doubt, always consult your doctor. If you have any more questions about your recovery time or when you can start walking after toe lengthening surgery, feel free to contact us and book your appointment with a doctor at the Luxe Foot Surgery clinic. 


How Long After Toe Surgery Can I Walk?

You will need to wait a while before you put weight on your feet after the toe surgery. You won’t be able to walk properly for at least six weeks after the surgery, and in most severe cases, it’s possible you won’t walk for three months, until your feet heal completely. 

Can You Walk After Toe Shortening Surgery?

No, you can’t walk right away after toe shortening surgery. The recovery time and the healing process are similar to toe lengthening surgery, and you will be advised to stay off your feet for six to eight weeks minimum. 

How Long Does It Take To Recover From Toe Lengthening Surgery?

The total recovery time from toe lengthening surgery depends on many factors, from the severity of the case and the deformity of the toes, to the amount of pain you feel after the surgery. It’s very individual, but in most cases, it takes about eight weeks to recover from toe lengthening surgery. 

Can You Walk After Achilles Tendon Lengthening Surgery?

After the Achilles tendon lengthening surgery, you will be required to wear a cast. You will be able to move around with the cast on pretty quickly after the surgery, but you will need to wear protective footwear. 


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