Why Do Arch Supports Hurt My Flat Feet

Why Do Arch Supports Hurt My Flat Feet

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Having flat feet can give people more discomfort than one might expect, so many patients turn to the most common solution – insoles. However, not all of them are adequate, so you might wonder, “Why do arch supports hurt my flat feet?” That’s why it’s important to learn all about it and how to solve it.

What Is Arch Support?

In order to lessen or perhaps completely remove foot pain, arch support inserts are devices that are inserted into the shoes to support the foot arches. These devices also put the feet in the right position and align the body from the feet up.

Who Needs Arch Supports?

The ideal pair of insoles may definitely benefit your feet, whether you suffer from high arches or flat feet. For some folks, this entails giving their drained, worn-out feet more energy. Some people wish to improve sports performance, while others seek to relieve foot pain. Here are other issues that could be treated with properly selected arch supports:

  • Plantar fasciitis, 
  • Tendinitis, 
  • Hammertoes, 
  • Heel spurs, 
  • Bunions, 
  • Arthritis.

Why Do Arch Supports Hurt My Flat Feet – Here’s the Answer

The secret to selecting the perfect arch supports is determining the appropriate height. It is extremely likely that you will go too far. If you have pain or discomfort in the heel, the arch insoles could be too high.

What Are the Consequences of Poor Arches?

There are several unpleasant side effects if the top curve in the center of the foot has vanished as a result of flat feet or a collapsed arch. If you walk or stand for long periods of time, your feet could get tired easily. You can experience discomfort in your heels and arches. In most cases, pulled muscles and ligaments are the cause of the discomfort.

Your feet’s inner soles can enlarge, as well. You feel noticeable back and leg pain, and it is difficult to move your feet, for example, to stand up on your toes. In addition to putting abnormal strain on the hips and knees, poor foot arch stability can also cause pain and discomfort in these joints.

A man touching his foot

How Can a Right Arch Support Help You?

Correctly crafted insoles are intended to support the foot arch, which is particularly important for people who have fallen arches or collapsed arches. At first, it could feel a little unpleasant to add additional support to the arch of the foot, but at the very minimum, it will shift pressure in a way that lessens pain.

Help Distribute Pressure

By distributing some of the pressure into your feet ‘ arches rather than keeping it all in your feet’s heel and ball, the arch supports aid in the even distribution of that pressure. That’s what the right supporters do. 

Lessen or Prevent Pain 

Since arch supports are the most frequently prescribed non-invasive solution for the majority of foot illnesses, this is among the primary reasons why someone decides to wear them at first. Your back pain and knee discomfort can both be relieved by it.

Provide Stability and Balance

Most people believe that insoles merely support the feet. The truth is that our entire body rests on our feet. Your entire body may suffer if your foundation is unsupportive. Because of this, arch supports are frequently utilized to assist with problems with back, knee, and hip alignment.

Woman using a Arch Support

Consult Your Foot Expert About the Arch Pain You Might Be Feeling

Luxe Foot Surgery is the right choice if you have any questions or concerns about arch pain. Our foot experts will give you all the information you need and help you overcome the pain and discomfort you feel. So, feel free to contact us and get your free consultation.


Should You Wear Arch Supports if You Have Flat Feet?

Professionals might advise arch supports for painful flat feet. The discomfort brought on by flat feet may be lessened by over-the-counter arch supports. Sometimes it’s advised to use arch supports that have been specially created and molded to fit your feet.

Should You Wear Insoles if You Have Flat Feet?

For people who have issues with their foot posture, such as high or flat arches, insoles are highly advised because of their supporting qualities.


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