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Returning to Running After Haglund’s Deformity Surgery – A Guided Journal

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When can you return to running after Haglund’s deformity surgery? Physical therapy and a smooth recovery process impact how soon runners will feel the joy of lacing up their running shoes again. In this journal, we’ll walk you through the entire process of regaining mobility and strength. The good news is that with the supportive medical team and a bit of diligence, a remarkable comeback can be expected.  

After a successful Haglund’s deformity procedure, patients are allowed to start jogging gently after six weeks. They can start running and return to everyday activities after three to six months of the surgery, depending on how well the healing process is going.

How Long Is the Overall Healing Process After the Haglund’s Deformity Surgery

The overall recovery lasts about 12 months. Of course, this doesn’t mean that patients need to wear a surgical boot and use crutches for a whole year. However, the foot and the affected tissue need a lot of time to heal properly, and protecting the treated area for 12 months is recommended. The initial healing from the surgery, before the person starts regaining mobility and strength, lasts about 6 to 8 weeks.

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When Should You Initiate Weight-Bearing Activities

It’s best to consult the doctor about weight-bearing activities because every case is different. However, if everything is going according to plan, the majority of patients are advised to start weight-bearing activities after the first post-op consultation, between the second and third recovery week.

When Should You Transition From Walking Boots to Crutches to Normal Shoes?

Doctors advise patients how long the walking boots need to be worn, and this typically depends on how complex the surgery is. With minimally invasive surgeries that are performed for best results, using crutches starts during the second week and switching to normal shoes after the third recovery week.

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How to Return to Running Without Injuring Yourself?

Returning to running is advised no sooner than the third month post-op. In some cases, waiting six months is an even better option. How soon you are prepared for such an exertion depends on the physical therapy, the results of the procedure, and the trajectory of the healing process. 

Try Low-Impact Exercises Like Cycling or Pool Running

Before wearing running shoes again, returning to the old way of life requires patience and work on muscle strength and your range of motion. During the second week of recovery, doctors recommend physical therapy, consisting of pool running and riding stationary bikes, which prepares you for returning to running in the future.

Transition to Short and Gentle Jogs

During the last part of the initial healing process, gentle and short jogs can be used for exercising the foot muscles. An elliptical machine and a treadmill can be instrumental in doing exercises for flexibility and proprioception.

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How to Prevent Future Injuries or Complications

Even though there could be a genetic predisposition for developing this condition in the first place, in numerous cases, it has been observed that daily habits exacerbate the issue. Avoiding developing symptoms could be accomplished by following tips such as:

  • Wearing breathable and comfortable shoes,
  • Avoiding high-heel shoes,
  • Avoiding running on rough surfaces that would put pressure on the Achilles tendon,
  • Using shoes with arch support,
  • Practicing stretching exercises.

Discuss the Recovery Process With Your Surgeon in Miami

Do you have additional questions? It’s best to seek advice from podiatry experts. A doctor in the Luxe Foot Surgery clinic in Miami would be more than happy to share all the tips and information with you about Haglund’s deformity surgery post-op phase. Make sure that your feet get the ultimate care possible by contacting us and scheduling an appointment right away. We are waiting for your call! 



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