What If I Accidentally Stepped on My Foot After Bunion Surgery

What If I Accidentally Stepped on My Foot After Bunion Surgery?

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Deciding to have bunion surgery is a huge step – but you have nothing to worry about if you have a good doctor by your side. When the procedure is done, you will have to go through a recovery period. So, let’s say you’ve accidentally stepped on foot after bunion surgery – is this a big deal? What should you do if it happens? We’ve explained everything in this text, so be sure to check it out before your surgery. 

How Long Should You Avoid Walking After Bunion Surgery?

When can you walk after a bunionectomy? This depends mostly on the type of bunion surgery you’ve had. If your bunion was a mild case, you might even be able to lean on your foot the same day after the procedure, but only while wearing a custom-made surgical shoe. In severe cases, this won’t be recommended (or possible) until you recover. The recovery period usually lasts anywhere from six weeks to three months. 

Are There Some Exercises That Can Speed up the Recovery Process?

Obviously, you won’t be able to run after bunion surgery until you fully recover, but that doesn’t mean you will have to sit still and not engage in any physical activity. A great thing that can help speed up the recovery process is physical therapy. Your doctor might recommend physical therapy in the form of exercises for improving strength, flexibility, and stability. 

What Should You Do if You Accidentally Stepped on Your Foot After Bunion Surgery?

If you had complex bunion surgery and you’re not supposed to put weight on your foot, it’s best to follow your doctor’s instructions to the letter and avoid weight-bearing. But let’s say you’ve accidentally leaned on the operated foot – what now? There is a chance that nothing bad will happen – however, you can’t just hope for the best. If you want to be responsible, it’s suggested that you reach out to your doctor and ask them what’s the best course of action. Sometimes, an additional visit to the clinic might be necessary. 

Talk to Your Surgeon About the Recovery Process After the Bunion Surgery

When it comes to bunions, everyone’s case is different – your doctor will know what’s best for you, which means that open communication is important. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions regarding your recovery. A good doctor will be happy to explain everything to you and take away your worries. If you’re wondering where you can find a specialist to help you out, look no further than Luxe Foot Surgery clinic. We have several experts in this field, so contact us to book your free consultation – we’re looking forward to helping you! 


Can You Mess up Bunion Surgery?

Yes, bunion surgery can turn out to be unsuccessful in some cases. This can be due to choosing the wrong surgical technique to fix the bunion. Technical errors are also possible, even when the surgeon has chosen the right procedure. Lastly, there can be complications after surgery if the patient doesn’t follow post-op recommendations from their doctor. 

What Happens if I Walk on My Foot After Bunion Surgery?

This depends from patient to patient – in mild cases, you might be able to walk immediately after the surgery (but with a surgical shoe on). When it comes to more difficult cases, putting weight on your foot sooner than your doctor recommends might result in disruption of the healing process. This can damage your foot and undo the repair that was done in surgery. 

When Can I Put Weight on My Foot After Bunion Surgery?

Depending on the type of bunion surgery that was performed, you might be able to walk the same day, but you might also need to recover before you’re allowed to put weight on your foot. Recovery time is about six weeks, but you will need to wear a surgical shoe for two weeks only. 

How Do You Know if Your Foot Is Infected After Bunion Surgery?

Signs that point to a foot infection after surgery are redness, swelling, warmth around the incision site, increased pain, pus in the incision, unpleasant smell, and fever.


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