Laser Corn Removal Surgery Cost

Laser Corn Removal Surgery Cost

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If you’ve ever had a foot corn, and chances are you have since it’s a skin condition that affects millions of people, you know that it can be very hard to get rid of. So, you must have wondered at some point – much does laser corn removal surgery cost? Sure, there are various kinds of treatments, but only surgery will permanently remove them. 

What Is the Average Cost of the Procedure?

The cost of the procedure varies depending on a lot of factors, but the average cost of the procedure in the US is anywhere between $500 and $1,500 per corn. That being said, the price can be much higher or lower depending on where you get it done.

What Is Laser Corn Removal Surgery?

Laser corn removal surgery is a medical procedure that is meant to fix and permanently get rid of corns on your feet. A doctor will use a high-frequency laser to remove the corn, no matter where it’s located on the foot. Laser corn removal surgery is an outpatient, routine procedure, which means you will be free to go home and rest right after the surgery. 

How Should You Have It?

Your laser corn removal surgery will be performed under local anesthesia, so you shouldn’t feel any pain while the surgery is taking place.

What Is Included in the Cost?

The cost of laser corn removal surgery typically includes the initial consultation with the healthcare provider, the actual laser procedure, any necessary anesthesia, post-procedure care, and any prescribed medication. The specific cost may change because of factors such as the location of the healthcare provider, the extent of the procedure, and any additional treatments needed. 

Laser Corn Removal Surgery Cost Breakdown

The cost of laser corn removal surgery can vary depending on several factors. Let’s break down the costs associated with laser corn removal surgery to help patients better understand the expenses they can expect.

Surgeon Fees and Hospital Charges

The surgeon’s fee will most likely include the time, expertise, and any specialized equipment or tools required for the procedure. The hospital or facility charges cover the basics, such as the use of the operating room, equipment, and nursing staff. 

Anesthesia and Medication Costs

Anesthesia and medication costs are important components of the cost of laser corn removal surgery. They typically include the time, any medications, or supplies used to administer the anesthesia during the procedure. Medication costs include prescriptions or medications needed for pain management and recovery after the surgery. 

Pre-surgery and Post-surgery Care Costs

Pre-surgery care costs include consultations and other evaluations to ensure the patient is a suitable candidate for the procedure. Post-surgery care costs include follow-up appointments, physical therapy, medications, and any necessary medical supplies or devices. 

What Factors Affect the Laser Corn Removal Surgery Cost

There are certain factors that can have an effect on the overall cost of your surgery, making the price point significantly higher or lower. For starters, the surgery is priced per corn, so the more corns you have to remove, the more expensive it will be. Also, other factors like the severity of the corn itself or its location can make a difference in the price point. 

Are There Some Additional Charges? 

You should know that the overall cost of corn removal surgery includes more than just the cost of the procedure. There could be some additional charges that will come after the surgery, such as the cost of prescribed pain medication or surgical shoes. 

Be prepared for some additional charges post-surgery 

How Can You Save Up?

You can find cheaper places and doctors that will perform the procedure, but sometimes that means that you will be compromising your health by getting a doctor with less expertise. In this case, it’s worth splurging on a good doctor if it means there’s a smaller chance you’ll get an infection

Don't compromise your health so you can save money

How Can I Reduce the Cost of Laser Corn Removal Surgery?

There are a few ways you can lower the expenses of your laser corn removal surgery. For starters, you should check with the insurance and figure out if there is a way your policy can cover the procedure. The next thing you should consider is different financial options, such as different payment plans. 

Are There Any Financing Options Available for Laser Corn Removal Surgery?

Certainly, there are different financing options available for laser corn removal surgery. Some healthcare providers offer payment plans that help patients spread out the cost of the procedure over time. Additionally, there is also a financing option through third-party companies that specialize in medical financing. 

Tips to Reduce the Cost of Laser Corn Removal Surgery

If you are in need of the procedure but it is heavy on your wallet, here are some tips to reduce the cost of laser corn removal surgery:

  • Check out more than one clinic before you schedule the procedure,
  • Pick the right time when the surgeons are not overwhelmed with work,
  • Use preventive measures to lower the risk of needing surgery.

Does the Insurance Cover the Laser Corn Removal Procedure Costs? 

Not all health insurance companies cover laser corn removal, so you will need to check that with your doctor and your insurance policy. If your policy doesn’t cover the procedure, you will have to pay the entire cost out-of-pocket. 

Your health insurance policy might not cover the cost of the procedure 

Visit Your Doctor in Miami and Discuss the Cost of the Surgery

You should never decide to undergo surgery before you have all the information you need. That’s why it’s so important to know exactly how much your laser corn removal surgery is going to cost. You should consult your doctor and talk to them about the total cost of the surgery because sometimes there are some added expenses besides the actual cost of the procedure, such as prescribed pain medications or surgical shoes. 

You should also make sure you’re having the procedure done by someone reliable, so book your appointment at the Luxe Foot Surgery clinic. Also, if you have any additional questions, simply contact us, and we will gladly address all of your concerns. 


Can Corns Be Removed by Laser?

Yes, foot corns can be removed by laser. It’s one of the most effective ways to permanently remove a foot corn. Laser corn removal surgery is an outpatient procedure that lasts for only 20-40 minutes, but the results are permanent. High-frequency lasers are used to remove the rounded patch of hardened skin, ensuring it doesn’t grow back. There are many other surgical ways to remove foot corns, but laser removal seems to be the most popular method. 

Can Corns Be Removed Permanently?

Yes, no matter how persistent and annoying foot corns are, it is possible to have them permanently removed. There are many treatment options, but none of them are as effective as medical procedures. You can try your luck out with various home remedies, but they aren’t always effective. 

The most popular home remedy is the one that works the best for most people – take a basin and fill it up with lukewarm water, soak your feet in it for no longer than 20 minutes until the skin softens, and then use a pumice sponge to file the foot corn. After that, you can apply a small amount of moisturizing cream on your feet, as foot corns are related to dry skin. 

Just keep in mind that home remedies don’t always work out for everyone, so what works for someone else might not end up working for you. If you want a treatment that will be 100% effective and get rid of foot corns permanently, surgery is the way to go. There are also many surgical procedures you can choose from – you can have your corn removed by a scalpel, high-frequency laser, or even liquid nitrogen (cryotherapy)

Is Corn Removal Surgery Painful?

No, corn removal surgery is not painful. During the procedure, you will be placed under local anesthesia, so you shouldn’t be able to feel anything. If you start feeling some pain during the procedure, feel free to alert your doctor so they can adjust your anesthesia dosage accordingly. And while you shouldn’t be able to feel any pain during the surgery, you should know that feeling some pain after the procedure, during the recovery time, is completely normal. 

Can You Walk After Corn Removal Surgery?

Even though corn removal surgery is an outpatient procedure, which means you will be allowed to go home right after the surgery, you will not be able to walk right after the procedure. Corn removal surgery is a serious medical procedure, and it shouldn’t be taken lightly. Your foot will need some recovery time in order to heal, and it can last anywhere from a couple of weeks to a couple of months. However, you should get back on your feet a few days after the surgery, but you will need to take it slow. You might need to wear a surgical shoe to protect your foot. 



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