Can You Wear High-Heel Shoes After Having Big Toe Fusion Surgery

Can You Wear High-Heel Shoes After Having Big Toe Fusion Surgery?

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A toe fusion is a type of hallux rigidus surgery performed on patients suffering from big toe arthritis. However, since it implies bone removal and joint fusion, many wonder what type of shoes they can wear after the procedure. Can you wear high-heel shoes after having big toe fusion surgery? Find out the answer in the article below.

How Long Is the Recovery After Having Big Toe Fusion Surgery?

A full recovery from this type of hallux rigidus surgery can last up to twelve months, but you’ll be able to put your whole weight on your foot and return to your usual activities approximately after a month. During the healing period, you should have regular appointments scheduled with your doctor, so they can monitor your recovery and track its progress. 

Can You Wear High-Heel Shoes After Having Big Toe Fusion Surgery

High heels place a lot of pressure on toe joints, which can accelerate their deterioration – that is why people with big toe arthritis should not wear them. However, this footwear limitation should continue even after the big toe fusion surgery. You should wear flat shoes for the length of your recovery time. Once your foot has healed, you should avoid narrow, high-heeled shoes – instead, choose shoes with a modest heel. 

How Long After Surgery Should You Wait Before Wearing High Heels

You should avoid wearing heels after a big toe fusion surgery because it can put excessive pressure on the toes and feet, which can slow down the healing process and cause pain and discomfort. They should be avoided whenever possible, even after you’re fully recovered. It is recommended to wear comfortable, supportive shoes with a low heel or flat sole to help promote healing and reduce the risk of complications down the road. 

What Are the Alternatives to High Heels?

It’s important to avoid any footwear that puts pressure on the operated area and surgical site or causes discomfort. If you’re not certain about the types of shoes you can wear, always consult with your doctor to ensure a safe and successful recovery.

What Are the Best Low-Heel Shoes

Avoid wearing heels that are more than two inches high. The worst style of shoe for your feet is a high stiletto with a pointed, closed toe. Instead, look for shoes with a modest heel, a large toe box, and more cushioning at the front.

What Flats and Sneakers Should You Consider?

What Flats and Sneakers Should You Consider

Flats and sneakers are even better shoes for post-hallux rigidus surgery health. When you need to dress up a bit, look for flats with a broad, rounded toe box, as well as some padding and support. It’s also a good solution to look for rubber soles, which provide stability and absorb shock. As for athletic shoes such as sneakers, make sure they have good arch support and cushioning to absorb shock and reduce pressure on the toes and feet.

Schedule Your Big Toe Fusion Surgery With the Best Doctor in Miami

If you suffer from a severe case of big toe arthritis, medical intervention is inevitable, and that’s when you should seek out medical experts. They can help you get rid of discomfort and go back to your usual activities pain-free. The good news is that our reliable and experienced team at Luxe Foot Surgery is happy to help. Feel free to contact us, book your free consultation – and we’ll ensure you have the best possible experience before, during, and after the procedure.


Can I Wear High Heels After Big Toe Fusion?

It is not recommended to wear high heels after big toe fusion procedures. Instead, opt for shoes with small heels or flat footwear. 

What Shoes to Wear After Toe Fusion?

After a big toe fusion, it’s best to wear flat shoes that don’t add pressure to your toes, such as sneakers and flats. Occasionally, you can wear heels, but make sure that their height isn’t over two inches. 

Can I Wear Heels After Toe Surgery?

Heels add pressure to the font of your feet, which can interfere with the healing process. If you have to wear heels, make sure they are not high. 

What Can’t You Do After Big Toe Fusion?

While you’re still in recovery, you should avoid any harder physical activities, even walking long distances. You should also avoid wearing high heels and shoes with a narrow toe box.



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