Weight Bearing After Bunion Surgery

Weight Bearing After Bunion Surgery

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If you recently had a procedure done on a bunion, you must be worried about weight bearing after bunion surgery. How is your workout routine going to change after you have had this surgery? Will your feet hurt if you try to run or lift heavy weights? These are only some of the common questions all the patients have. As long as you are in safe hands, there won’t be anything to worry about. Just make sure that professionals take care of your recovery, and weight bearing will be the last of your concerns.

How Long Does the Recovery Last After the Bunion Surgery?

The recovery period for minimally invasive bunion surgery isn’t very long. The only period when you need to stay completely calm and put the weight off your feet is the first two weeks. This is the period when you should also wear special medical shoes that will help you take pressure off the operated foot (it isn’t recommended that you wear regular shoes – this might cause unnecessary complications). As long as you follow the doctor’s instructions, there is nothing to worry about. Complete recovery should last from about 6 to 8 weeks. 

After this period, you should be able to get back to regular shoes and everyday activities. If your usual activities require putting some weight and pressure on your foot, just listen to your body and follow your natural healing tempo. Once these activities don’t cause you pain, you are completely healed and safe to do them. The key is not to rush into these activities because you can cause some problems and slow down the recovery process.

Can You Speed up the Process?

People are often impatient with the recovery process, especially if they don’t feel any negative symptoms after the surgery, such as pain or swelling. Sure, this can be a sign that you’re healing quickly and efficiently, but you still need to wait at least two weeks before jumping on your feet and starting walking again. Once you start walking, you can participate in physical therapy that will help you get back into regular activities faster. You should also be considerate of your general health if you want to speed up the healing process and take healthy food, sleep well as well as avoid smoking and alcohol.

Can You Exercise After the Surgery?

Not only that you can exercise, but you are supposed to have physical therapy if you want to ensure better recovery. Obviously, these exercises might be different than the ones you’re used to, but they are bringing you one step closer to coming back to your routine. 

When Can You Start Weight Bearing After Bunion Surgery?

How long are you non-weight bearing after bunion surgery? Depending on the type of surgery you had and the severity of your condition, the first two weeks might be critical. This is the period when some patients are not weight-bearing or limited weight-bearing. As the healing process continues and you get better, remove stitches and get back to regular shoes, you can slowly start to get back to weight bearing.

How to Know That You Are Ready?

As we already mentioned, not even a doctor can give you a precise timeline if they are not aware of your condition at that very moment. The healing process has its own individual differences that are specific for every patient. For example, your healing period can be prolonged because of poor general health, so weight-bearing might be delayed. In case you are at a young age and don’t suffer from any chronic disease, you might be able to get back to weight bearing even faster than usual. No one can give you precise information, but you will know when you are completely ready because you won’t be feeling pain or discomfort when you start participating in regular activities.

Talk to Your Surgeon in Miami About the Whole Recovery Process

If you don’t feel certain about your healing progress and want to get professional advice, you can always book an appointment at Luxe Foot Surgery clinic in Miami. Contact us, and our educated professionals can examine you and help you get the answers to all of your questions. The first consultation is completely free. We can help you understand what kind of surgery you need depending on your specific condition and give you all the information about the estimated recovery length.


When Can I Weight Bear After Bunion Surgery?

In most cases, limited weight bearing will be allowed in about two weeks after the surgery, and full weight bearing will be possible after full recovery, which usually happens in about 6 to 8 weeks post-surgery.

How Long Before You Can Put Weight on Foot After Bunion Surgery?

You should not put any weight on your foot during the first two weeks after the surgery. Once this period ends, you are allowed to slowly start putting weight on your foot, little by little. This can be achieved with some physical therapy.

What Happens if You Walk Too Soon After Bunion Surgery?

If you don’t follow recovery instructions and start walking immediately after the bunion surgery, you might provoke some complications. Problems that might occur include:

  • Pain,
  • Swelling,
  • Delayed bone healing.

Can I Walk 2 Weeks After Bunion Surgery?

If your surgery goes well and you don’t experience any problems with healing during the first two weeks, you should be able to slowly start walking again once this period ends. If you’re not certain about your progress, you can always consult your doctor – they will give you the best advice and tell you if you’re ready to walk again and put the weight on your foot.


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