Walking 5 Weeks After Bunion Surgery

Walking 5 Weeks After Bunion Surgery: What Should You Know

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The recovery journey is slow and sometimes frustrating, but it’s important to remember that it is definitely worth it. We want to delve into everything you need to know about walking 5 weeks after bunion surgery, so you are aware of all dos and don’ts during this critical period. Find out all about whether crutches are needed and what precautions to take. Let’s step forward together toward a pain-free future!

Start With Gradual Weight-Bearing and Gait Re-Training

When you reach the five-week milestone during the recovery phase, you can gradually increase activities. The most important thing is to stay in the post-operative shoes when you begin to try out weight-bearing activities. 

Start With Gradual Weight-Bearing and Gait Re-Training

Once you feel your foot is sore, relax and rest. Also, incorporating physical therapy by this point will be effective in retraining your gait and re-educating the muscles, ensuring that you walk properly.

Crutches or Walker Can Help You

Once you start practicing placing half your weight on the operated foot, a walker or crutches will help you rest and not pressure it too much. The pain should be a guide, and we recommend short steps. Therefore, acquire a walker or crutches for the post-op period, especially if you need bunion surgery on both feet.

Physical Therapy and Exercises are Good For Your Recovery

Physical therapy will be prescribed after any type of bunion surgery. During the fifth week, you’ll need to do exercises aimed at helping with strength and mobility. In most cases, patients need to place their feet on the floor with tissues nearby. Then, they try to pick them up with their toes.

The second exercise stretches the calf muscle. Patients sit with their legs straight in front. Then, each foot is pulled up toward the shin so as to stretch the calf muscle.

Physical Therapy and Exercises are Good For Your Recovery

Get Proper Footwear For 5 Weeks After Bunion Surgery

Proper footwear is crucial for a speedy recovery. Since you’ll be practicing putting your weight on the operated foot, you must choose comfortable shoes that won’t irritate the wound. We recommend larger trailers or shoes resembling Crocs since they offer a lot of room. Also, it’s necessary to mention that the foot will be swollen for approximately 10 weeks.  

Avoid Tight or High-Heeled Shoes

Steer clear of high-heeled or tight-fitting shoes. The foot needs ample space to heal without unnecessary pressure on the surgical site. The best thing to do is to wear footwear with a wide-toe box. The most comfortable option would be sandals for bunions.

Take Precautions and Avoid Risks

Carefully follow all the post-operative instructions to avoid any risks after the surgery. Here are some precautions to take:

  • Don’t engage in high-impact activities and place strain on the healing foot,
  • Gradually increase walking distance and intensity as well as exercises for mobility and strength,
  • To reduce swelling and discomfort, keep the foot elevated,
  • If you notice that the wound is not healing properly and you suspect an infection, contact your doctor immediately.

Limit Your Walking Activities

You should wait 12 weeks to pass before starting to walk normally. During the fifth week, simply avoid standing and walking for prolonged periods. Short and gentle walks around your home would suffice. Listen to your body, and whenever you feel fatigue or discomfort, rest.

Limit Your Walking Activities

Consult Your Foot Doctor in Miami About Walking 5 Weeks After Bunion Surgery

Do you have more questions about walking 5 weeks after bunion surgery we haven’t answered? For additional details associated with your case, it’s best to consult a podiatry specialist. Don’t hesitate to contact our clinic, Luxe Foot Surgery. We’ll make sure a consultation with a specialist is scheduled as soon as possible. It’s best to contact us right away. We’ll be waiting for your call!



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