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Laser Deep Corn Removal: What You Need to Know

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Deep corns develop on the joint areas on feet where the most pressure is exerted while walking and running. Traditional methods of corn removal, such as manual trimming and over-the-counter treatments, generally provide temporary relief. Deep seed corns cannot be easily treated with natural remedies, so laser deep corn removal is the optimal choice. 

Laser deep corn removal procedure is a minimally invasive method that offers a safe and quick way to get rid of deep skin growth. It takes about 10 minutes for one skin growth to be removed with a CO2 laser. The hardened skin cells are removed while the healthy tissue is preserved. The patients don’t experience any pain due to the local anesthesia.

What Are the Deep Corns?

Deep corns, or heloma durum, are hardened skin lesions that form on the feet, typically between the toes and on the joint areas. These skin lesions are characterized by compact, dense corn, which extends deep into the skin’s layers. They can be difficult to treat with natural remedies at home.

How Does the Laser Deep Corn Removal Process Go?

First, the surgeon uses an antiseptic solution to clean the heloma durum. Next, a CO2 laser is used, which eliminates any dead and hardened skin cells while preserving the integrity of the healthy skin. This procedure is carried out with local anesthesia to ensure the patient doesn’t experience any discomfort. Lastly, the physician dresses the wound.

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What Is Post-Procedure Care?

During the consultation with the doctor, the patient receives clear post-procedure instructions such as how to clean the bandaged area and what particular creams and ointments can be used. Limited activity is recommended, while over-the-counter pain medication is prescribed for managing pain and swelling.

What Is the Expected Recovery Timeline?

Full recovery is expected in two weeks after the procedure. In the first week post-op, the foot needs to be elevated to reduce swelling. Returning to normal activities is recommended after the first week; however, protecting the treated area and wearing comfortable shoes is advised.

What Are the Benefits of Laser Treatment for Deep Corns?

Laser deep corn removal procedure is a way to avoid putting your feet through trauma. This means that the healing process would be less painful and quicker. Regaining confidence and comfort is much easier and effortless with the use of laser technology.

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Less Invasive Than Some Other Methods

Compared to traditional approaches, laser removal is much less invasive. It’s a targeted and precise technique that enables the physician to address the seed corn effectively. What is more, the speed at which skin growths can be removed makes it possible to treat many corns in just one session.

Reduced Risk of Scarring

The laser has sterilizing properties, meaning there is much less chance of scarring and infection. The cosmetic outcome with a laser is much better than when a patient undergoes traditional surgery.

What Are Potential Risks and Complications?

The use of a laser is considered the safest option, with fewer risks and complications. However, it should be underlined that patients could still experience:

  • Skin sensitivity,
  • Discomfort or pain,
  • Recurrence of the corn,
  • Allergic reaction,
  • Infection,
  • Scarring.
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How Much Does Laser Deep Corn Removal Procedure Cost?

The cost of laser deep corn removal varies depending on the expertise of the surgeon, the location of the clinic, how big and how deep the corn is, and the medical equipment used. On average, patients could expect to pay anything between $500 to $3,000.

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